Masuat'aa Matari Recruitment open

Brothers and sisters of Matari, heed my words, and see the truth in them, for it is evident.

Too long have we quarreled amongst ourselves, handing victory upon victory to the Amarrian beasts who enslave and destroy our people. We deny ourselves the chance to be strong, choosing to further our own desperate agendas. This is not the Matari way. We must cast aside internal politics and face the foe, for amongst the tribes today, it may be a case of me against my brother, and me and my brother against my cousin, but it must be all against the Amarr, united in purpose!

Even now, the drums sound in hearts and minds of loyal Matari warriors across the galaxy. Let us gather together and form the Masuat’aa Matari! Who now hears the call to arms? Who has the heart to answer?

Speak now, those who would answer the call! Let your voice be heard, and your soul be counted amongst the warriors of the Masuat’aa!”

  • Kiongozi, Founder of the Masuat’aa, quoted from his ‘Call to Arms’
  • About Masuat’aa Matari:

Masuat’aa Matari has been around since 2004 as a member of Ushra’Khan, the oldest EVE alliance in existence. Among our ranks you can find skilled and experienced players flying along side newer pilots eager to learn. We are relatively small corp (currently around 30 members), our timezones lean toward EUTZ but we have several members from USTZ and Ushra’Khan has a strong US presence as well.

We are Minmatar roleplayers, freedom fighters who oppose the Amarrian slavers Empire and fight it by any means possible. This means that we strive to think and behave as Minmatar freedom fighters in local and other public channels. As part of Ushra’Khan, Masuat’aa Matari recently returned to Factional Warfare, where we intend to stay in the foreseeable future. We are a PvP corp in a PvP alliance. While we do all sorts of activities (PvE, industry), we expect our members to fight our enemies. We enjoy small gang warfare and roams and as part of the Ushra’Khan alliance there is always something to do and someone to help and support you.

We understand that EVE is a hobby, not a job. Real life always comes first. We maintain a very friendly and positive atmosphere within our corp, always support each other and have a “no drama” attitude.

  • What we expect from you:

You are a Minmatar
Mature and social player
Age 18+
Not on trial account
We have no skill points requirements, it’s the attitude that counts. But you are expected to train, improve and eventually hold your own
Willing to participate in PvP activities and Factional Warfare. No PvP experience required but must be willing to learn
Ability to use Teamspeak (headphones + mic)
Reasonable character name, no ridiculous names please (e.g. MastaKilla)

  • What we offer:

One of the oldest corps in EVE, part of the oldest alliance with rich history, tradition and reputation
Limited ship replacement program
Lots of PvP activity, Factional Warfare
Support for PvE and industrial activities
Logistics support
Loyalty and friendship!

Interested in answering The Call?

Post your application in this forum or find us in our in game public channel: Masuat’aa Public

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