Plexes, can you get rewarded without joining a militia?

I’m pretty new to the game and was reading up on plexes in Faction Warfare and thought it would be fun to try out (and die plenty of times doing so).

I plan to do it solo for now, but I was wondering, what are the rewards for doing plexes? And do I need to join a militia to benefit from the rewards or to even get them in the first place?

Yes you need to join.
Why would any faction pay you for random stuff, if you are not part of them?

You can enter them without being in Militia but you will get a suspect timer but you dont get the rewards

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When you capture a plex, the militia will award you with Loyalty Points. Offensive plexing (capturing plexes controlled by the enemy) pay out more than defensive plexing(defending your faction’s plex). To join FW, you’ll need to join a militia. You can do this solo, in a corp or in an alliance. If you’re Gallente, you can try out these guys

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Cool, I’m thinking of joining Minmitar, but I’ll keep an ear to the ground for some possible corps that can help me out :3

Gallente and Minmatar are allied so I think you can fight for Minmatar even if you join them but I would be more convenient to join a Minmatar corp. Also noone lives underground so don’t keep a ear to the ground:). Pretty sure these guys do FW too.

Or more specifically, these guys.

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