Faction Warfare Help/Questions


(Giddy McFee) #1

I have taken one of my lowly alts and joined FW with them. I have a skill plan ticking over but at the moment they can only really fly frigates (and even then not that well), anyway with my skills I only feel comfortable in a novice plex at the moment but I am finding…

Nearly everyone can obliterate me because of my skills (I dont get the tank or the DPS currently)
Amarr systems (I have joined Minmatar) are very busy which makes #1 very hazardous

I wonder if anyone could give me any advise on FW, is it worth joining an established non npc corp (if indeed they take alts), or are there and resources that can help me further, does the general militia for example do fleets I can join, any help at all will be good.

(Loutro Fift) #2

Join a corp. I joined the Hoplite Brigade. Minmatar.

Lot of guys on all the time. Fly with people and your survivability increases, plus you can get advice on fits, which helps.

FW is best learned by doing. You will lose a butt ton of ships. And some more. But flying with good night pilots is how you learn.

(Giddy McFee) #3

Sounds fair, Does the corp take low SP alts do you know?

I’ve a main account that has sufficient funding for hordes of T1 ships even with t2 modules (once ive skilled into them)

(DrButterfly PHD) #4

Definitely join a corp and get on teamspeak for the best fun and safest flying. Solo pvp is hard for a low skills character as you will certainly be fighting skilled and well fitted opponents. You can “rabbit-plex” (running away from enemies) just as well as the best of them and not getting caught can be quite a fun game to help you learn D-Scan.

Also, use http://evewarfare.com/ to keep track of which systems are contested before you log in.

(Giddy McFee) #5

Thanks for the link, very helpful. Ill start looking for a corp that accepts alts, thanks again.