Material reduction formula for Reactions

Hello warlords!,

I have a simple question regarding Reactions.

Basically, I am running 142 job runs in this job, which is supposed to use 14,200 Hydrocarbons, with 2.6% of reduction, 13,831 (round up) but the game says 13,826, and this strange offset increases little by little the moment you increase the number of run jobs.

Does someone know the Forumla to calculate the Material reduction from rigs for Reactions?

Here it is a screenshot:

Thanks in advance!!

bonus = 2.4 * 1.1 = 2.64

Hello Von Susla,

thanks for your answer !

My question is that , 14200 with the 2.6% bonus reduction is 13,831 (round up) but the game says 13,826. So the formula to calculate it should have something different.

I have checked some calculators on the internet, and they actually calculate it like the game, but I cannot figure out how they do it, and I have asked also in different help channels but no one knows why the result is not what everybody expects.


14 200 * ( 1 - 0.0264 ) = 13825,12 ~ 13 826
the game client shows rounded bonus (2.64 -> 2.6) but uses exact one for calculation

Many thanks for your answer Von Susla!!! I did not notce that 4 in your first post :slight_smile:

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