Math formulas when manipulating with any kind of numbers

To not switch between apps which is obviously an excessive time waste.
You can change prices by simply adding or subtracting value so instead of rewriting whole price value or clicking at the exact position and moving your hands back to keyboard to type you can just add - 10000 at the end
You can, let’s say, split loot between participants by just setting /5 in amount selection input box.
There are much more usecases in a game that is all about such things. And all of them are become available WITHOUT using 3rd party apps or even calc because this is extra steps to do simple task.

This feature is obviously can be turned off in settings.
The most difficult part here is write good parser that can be free of possible exploits (such as code injection), in the end UI returns same float value as current one, just making additional calculations inside before returning such value and this value compared with max possible value in the way it already works today. From dev side it’s not that much to do only if there are not spaghetti code. I know that every dev team have a lot inside source code and there possible spaghetti code but still, this is not so huge feature that can break stuff or make things as complex as you think. In the end, it’s their choice what and how to do so none of you should worry about.

One source of spaghetti code is to connect too many pieces of code with barely related other pieces of code, like adding toggled redundant calculation capabilities to all search fields and selection fields, only because some players are not willing to put their calculations in the calculator - which exists for this purpose!

Switching to your calculator once to see how much ammo you want to bring is not ‘excessive waste of time’. You do it once, and from then on you know that you need 1320 ammo for your ship.

You can even save this amount of ammo in your saved fittings!


Too hard

Sorry if this is a bit too forward… Do you not have a smartphone? Lol :wink: