Allow to enter and resolve simple calculations in every number input box

For example in Market, I can enter in the “quantity” field something like:
1000 * 24
or maybe leading with “=”
=1000 * 24


  1. its allowed to enter (atm u get this error input peep)
  2. client calculates the result and uses it as input when u leave the input box

just simple calculations with + - * / and brackets ()

would make it a bit easier for market especially

e.g. lets sell I want to sell three-quarter of my 23472943 Veldspar
I right-click “Sell This Item”, quanitity is prefilled with “23472943”
I enter “* 0.75” (or “* 3 / 4”) after the prefilled number and after leaving the input box its gets resolved/replaced with the result “17604707”

ofc I can do all the calcs in my head, or with the calc tool or tabbing out of game. but that involves re-typing, copy/pasting, etc.

Assuming Windows 10:

Hit Windows-Key.
Type calc and press enter. Next time you only need to type ca and it’ll show up already.
Enter numbers.
Press enter.
Press CTRL+C.
Press CTRL+V.

This isn’t effort, which means that this part of your post isn’t an argument. Not trying to argue for or against anything, just pointing out that this isn’t a useful point. If it was, people would be able to make arguments that literally anything would be too much “effort”.

Actually doing the math in your head would be the best thing! Encouraging people to do mathematics and using their brains, which can and should be expected from people who do market trading, is a good thing!

Again: Not saying your idea is bad, just that this argument is really weak.

The game has a caulculator that is no bigger than a numerical input box, why add copy/pasting steps if the function essentially already exists?

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