Need a simple calculator

Hi everyone,

i need a simple calculator, no matter webbased or in excel or something else, that count the whole journal over API, i want to count ± the corp journal or personal journal from several accounts to get the correct profit. The programs that are offered like evernus or evetrademaster are useless… the do not do their job correct and are bugged and the developers know it and do nothing. who can help me?

Remember that not everyone has free time to spend on hobby projects, and some bugs (assuming they were reported) might take long to be fixed. So next time maybe take this into account before accusing someone of doing nothing.

hmmm… i think, that problem is very long in your program, but nobody realy cares… a simple journal calculator, that calculate the entered apis at once, thats all… i dont understand why for example evetrademaster dont do it? there it is necessary to enter the zitadel tax for every character and station WTF??? all taxes are written down in journal…

It all comes down to priorities. If your problem was reported, it should be eventually solved. But other tasks can have higher priority, and free time is always an issue.

I’d love some further requirements, but what are you offering to have this done?

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