An argument for removing fractional isk

I would like to make an argument from removing the display of Fractional isk amounts within the market place. I do acknowledge that on an extremely limited number of items, such as Tritanium that fractions matter somewhat. This is, however, an extreme minority and is still workable. My proposal stems from the fact that if you are selling massive amounts of different things, one after another in the market, it can (and IS) extremely misleading when looking at the market prices and seeing the “.00” after each entry.
I’ve often made the mistake because of this, of adding 3 zero’s to my sell price. This isn’t a problem for a few items, but if you’re selling 10,000 items for 100,000 each, instead of 1000.00 each, you can end up paying a Brokers fee that breaks your bank by the sum of billions. This is entirely unrecoverable unless you file a petition and hope for mercy. Yes, you do receive a warning about price, but you will get that warning hundreds of hundreds of times and people unfortunately
get in the habbit of just clicking ok. It’s just too easy to do. I admit this may not happen to many people, but over the years, it’s happened to me many times at great loss.

Here are possible options that could address this.

. Remove fractional values from all market transactions. Even with low price, high volume items like Trit, this is workable. This may also simplify the display for 99% of the items on the market.
. Completely reject any Sell price that is over 100x the average CCP price of that item. Don’t even offer the option. This would prevent that 1000x sell price typo failure every time and solve the problem easily.
. Only charge a brokers fee “AS” an item is actually sold, and take it from the isk the player would receive in the sale.

Just trying to make things simpler for everyone really, and avoid traps that hurt players and make more work/petitions for CCP.

Thanks for listening.

While I can see how fractional ISK can cause mistakes, I don’t think EVE should have the goal of simplifying the game to avoid mistakes for players.

After all, your mistake can be someone else’s content, fortune and happy day.

In the case of fractional ISK you already have noticed that it does serve a purpose for the cheapest items on the market, where people can undercut a price of 1.20 ISK with an offer of 1.19 ISK.

It’s one of the things I like about EVE, that the values of items on the market have such a wide range of values from 1 to close to a trillion. You just need to count your zeros well.

This will have some big consequences for non-Forge regions where not all items are regularly traded.

It often happens that I sell an item for what I think is a reasonable price, but according to the market it is 150000000% ‘higher than the regional price’, just because the regional price for that ship appears to be 2 ISK for some reason.

Your suggestion would stop people from selling many items in non-trade regions.


So you admit there’s a solution and even the possibility of GM intervention to save you and you STILL want to make heavy-handed changes? Lolno.

Explain how it’s workable for trit and similar.

No. I’ll sell my items at whatever price I like, CCP be damned.

So basically do the exact opposite of what the broker’s fee is for?

Here’s my proposal for this “problem:” If you pull the order down within 10 minutes, you get a fee refund on anything unsold, applicable once every 24 hours to keep bots from trying to cheese it.


I’m talking about eve online’s “EIV” price, not Jita values. It works, and is used equally for all manufacturing formula’s across all of eve.

Dark Lord Trump,
You took a lot of effort to write responses that amount to salt and had nothing helpful to add. True eve mentality man. kudos for being on point. Love the name.

I don’t consider removing fractional amounts to be heavy handed, given it’s probably well under 1% of products sold where doing so would make any noticeable difference, Tritanium being the main exception.
If anything, this would simplify the market system. However, the trit issue, minor as it is, is one that would be difficult and I acknowledged that already.

Charging a brokers fee “as” the item is sold would work fine, and would still BE a perfectly valid brokers free. The only difference at all, would be that if you cancel your order, you wouldn’t pay it. However, if you end up selling your items at anytime, you’ll eventually pay the piper, so there’s ultimately no difference at all, other than it’s easier for the player. CCP certainly doesn’t spend brokers fees.

Nah, dont make mistakes. Pay attention. That simple.

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As far as I know, EVE’s estimated item value depends on the region you’re in.

Many regions lack estimated item values or have vastly inaccurate item values due to the lack of trading data in those regions.

One person’s mistake is another person’s freedom fighter… or something. :smirk:

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