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(Wolf Tongue) #1

Hi there,

I think it would be great to add some multipliers inside the isk transfer textboxes like:

  • k for kilo (* 1’000)
  • m for mega (* 1’000’000)
  • b for billion (* 1’000’000’000)

So if I want to give someone 50 Million I just enter “50M” and you replace the “M” with six Zeros. That would make transfering money easier and in my eyes more secure (to avoid too much/less zeros).

What do you think about my idea?

(Jint Hikaru) #2

the tiny numbers font and amount of zeros needed to deal with money in this game is annoying. However a lot of scammers rely on this, so I think you are going to get some pushback on this idea.

(Daichi Yamato) #3

Does this happen in any other game? In fact, any other software?

I think it’s going to be unintuitive is all.

(Nophor Shevalske) #4

I like your idea, sounds more like a QOL improvement though.

(MinerArt) #5

Probably would be a good idea but is more of a little thing than a major idea. Still m for million and b for billion would be a good start.

(Nisanthro) #6

If you can’t type six or nine zeroes something is wrong with you, not the game.


(Ember Fireheart) #7

Just get used to burst typing in 3’s and you never make mistakes, but your idea has merit.

(Imustbecomfused) #8

I love it, but I think it would ruin scamming of many kinds in Eve and that may be a negative side effect. ?

edit, I should list an example sorry. umm idk like contract scams? or trade scams? they suck… yea maybe other p2p transfers Im not thinking of?

(Imustbecomfused) #9


(Nora Maldoran) #10

And if you accidently type to “mm” you send X million millions. :laughing:
But I see your point. This could make it actually easier.

Patch notes say you can scale your interface since the last update, @Jint_Hikaru. Might help with the small figures.

(Jint Hikaru) #11

Thanks for pointing that out. :grinning:

(system) #12

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