Amount of money

Hi there,

I think it would be great to add some multipliers inside the isk transfer textboxes like:

  • k for kilo (* 1’000)
  • m for mega (* 1’000’000)
  • b for billion (* 1’000’000’000)

So if I want to give someone 50 Million I just enter “50M” and you replace the “M” with six Zeros. That would make transfering money easier and in my eyes more secure (to avoid too much/less zeros).

What do you think about my idea?


the tiny numbers font and amount of zeros needed to deal with money in this game is annoying. However a lot of scammers rely on this, so I think you are going to get some pushback on this idea.

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Does this happen in any other game? In fact, any other software?

I think it’s going to be unintuitive is all.

I like your idea, sounds more like a QOL improvement though.

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Probably would be a good idea but is more of a little thing than a major idea. Still m for million and b for billion would be a good start.

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If you can’t type six or nine zeroes something is wrong with you, not the game.


Just get used to burst typing in 3’s and you never make mistakes, but your idea has merit.

I love it, but I think it would ruin scamming of many kinds in Eve and that may be a negative side effect. ?

edit, I should list an example sorry. umm idk like contract scams? or trade scams? they suck… yea maybe other p2p transfers Im not thinking of?


And if you accidently type to “mm” you send X million millions. :laughing:
But I see your point. This could make it actually easier.

Patch notes say you can scale your interface since the last update, @Jint_Hikaru. Might help with the small figures.

Thanks for pointing that out. :grinning:

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