A visually improved option for numbers

I have seen over the past that other games have had color options for numbers going from 1000’s to 1,000,000’s and beyond.

When it is under 1,000.00 the numbers where white.
When under 1,000,000.00 they were green
When under 1,000,000,000.00 they were blue

And so on…

This made visually reading costs in market, rewards, credits, wallets etc so much clearer to see what amounts were was easy on the eyes and quicker to detect if you typed incorrectly when it was supposed to be 1 billion vs 100 million.
Something to consider.


If it’s an option and one we can play with like other UI elements, especially if we can tweak thresholds, a big +1 from me.

Last i checked, they have a small tooltip that pops up if you hover the mouse over the number you are typing that spells out what you are typing.

So if you type in 10000 the tip will say 10 thousand
1000000 - one million etc

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If anything it should be optional. But its also why the UI should have been rewritten to support addons, so that players who are able and willing can make addons that do this + a myriad of other more or less niche things.

I don’t know why they went through so much trouble to change the UI and then not bothering to implement addon support. I mean i think i know and im just going to say it… They are dumb??

This would certainly be useful. +1 from me.

Addons in client?
Why, do you use them?

The closest we come to addons in EVE today is external tools like zKillboard, EVE Tycoon, Pyfa, so on so forth. (Comprehensive list here) These are great tools developed by the community.

Imagine if the community could also develop UI features and so on for the actual client. There would be less “complaining” for one thing? And it seems to work well in other games that have it.

It’s against EULA and TOS for starters, and is an easy attack surface to apply automation that is also against TOS on. So, I’m going to say hell no, especially since we’ve seen some MMO addons be used for espionage in far less espionage intensive games.

If EVE Online started supporting UI addons the EULA would obviously be changed to allow it. I dont see how UI addons enable an attack surface unless you consider users creating better UIs and tools an attack.

IF you open up a UI addon, with the right scripting, you can then do some fun tricks and end up with a bit of trickery that allows you to do broadcasting style clickthrough.

She reason the in game browser was removed, security.

inb4 outsource your security.

I remember the in-game browser, i never used it. I don’t blame them for removing it

Id be interested to see what kind of features and changes people would come up with if UI Addons was supported. It can take some work off of CCPs back.

At the end of the day everyone likes their UI a little different, so it makes little sense the only option we get is the one CCP made when its already been shown by other MMOs that making the UI modular and programmable by players can be safe.

Even so, why would they give themselves the headache.

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Im not sure what you mean. But good work is the opposite of a headache

Eve players are known to be assholes. Give some of the rmt’ers an inch and they’ll take the whole mile and then some.

Not even close. There’s a whole lot of automation tools hidden away in the UI mods that are passed over as QOL, but end up being an advantage and are easily used to explain away bot-like behavior.

You are the new Vuhdo Rin, he also disagreed with facts

Except you haven’t offered facts, just opinions. I am a low level expert on both automation tools, and programing them into games which allow them. It wasn’t an off the cuff, I have done things which would be trivial to implement in eve if they weren’t against TOS about automatic buffs which would translate immediately to turning back on modules after an undock or jump, and doing so in a way which is hard to detect via conventional bot detection tools.

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