UI customization options for number expression

There have been comments across a number of threads in the forum related to how different regions of the world handle number representation, ranging from separator/decimal characters to the words and abbreviations used to represent large numbers in text. While CCP has addressed this variances to some extent through localizations, they are inconsistently rendered, are not comprehensive even within a given region’s localization, and any region without a localization is out of luck entirely.

My suggestion is to add a set of UI customization options that allow users to set the following elements, which would save into the launcher profile for their accounts:

  1. Select numeric display options for separator and decimal (probably restricted sets due to code considerations for use of symbols?)
  2. Assign preferred text to use in text number abbreviations for thousands, millions, billions, etc.
  3. Assign preferred text to use in text number expression (not abbreviated) for thousands, millions, billions, etc.

Ideally options 2 and 3 would provide text fields for players to fill in, rather than selecting from pre-established sets, due to the sheer variety out there.

These settings would default to the localization standard when rolled out.

The ui localization for numbers, iirc, follows the locale set on the computer it’s running on.

So really, what you’d be wanting is them to standardize the use of that throughout the game?

If you are finding inconsistencies in the rendering, I’d suggest a bug report? As that sounds like a bug. (so identifying to CCP where there’s an issue you’ve seen. so they can fix it.)

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