Math formulas when manipulating with any kind of numbers

Eve is a lot about numbers, prices and amounts of items are like in the core gameplay. However game doesn’t allow us to do even simple fast calculations when entering this kind of data. For example: I know that missile launchers installed on my ship can hold 44 missiles, I have 6 launchers and I want to have at least 5 full unloads of one kind of missile to be in cargo. Instead of using calculators or brain and make stupid mistakes of how many missiles I need to put into cargo while shift-splitting stack of missiles I’d like to simply put this formula into window that ask about how many items I want to split so it’ll just look like this 44*6*5. After I write this formula it’ll tell that result is 1320, that I can split this amount and I can simply press ok to move this amount of missiles into cargo.

This feature should be used in any UI that ask player to enter num value be it amount of items or even isk. Of course all 4 main functions should work: Mul *, Div /, Add +, Sub -.
So this could be simple QOL feature that fits this game too well.

That would literally take all of 3 seconds on the game’s built-in calculator…


Or do like i do and carry 1500 of what you need just in case. I never need that many when pveing but its always good to have em


You can still smash any numbers you want without using math

This is just small QOL feature to improve usability

I dont see this as qol imo.

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Just bring ‘plenty’ of ammo, there is no need to be precise.

And if you do wish to be precise, there is an in-game calculator and notepad to calculate and store these numbers. Still, I think you’re making life harder than necessary unless you really need every last m3 of your cargohold for some reason.


I love the fact that people don’t think about anything else than that suggested example is THE ONLY possible use case scenario.

Tells a lot about community.
I’d like moderators to close this topic if possible.

What other scenarios are you thinking of?

Also how would the UI element where you can enter your formula be different from the calculator we have ingame?

Ccp has published other formulas and most people use spreadsheets (hence the nickname spreadsheets online) i actually have a spreadsheet that has all of your example on it, plus my “shopping list” of missiles, how many i buy, how many i end up using, the cost of using faction vs T2. All on a spreadsheet


Load the ammo into the guns save the fit close it then reopen it and multiply that number in the cargo by the amount of rounds you want.

But just make yourself a spread sheet for quick calculations its handy, like I have a cap booster calculation that shows me the total energy from all the cap boosters how many seconds it takes to chomp through them and so on.

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Suggestion is about small addition that will help a bit with routine tasks without changes in basics and people talk about using third party apps for complex tasks.
Please mods close this topic, I suggested feature, not circus!

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“I’d like to simply put this formula into window that ask about how many items I want to split so it’ll just look like this 44 * 6 * 5”

CCP already made a window for you exactly like you asked you can access it here:
3 lines on the top left → Utilities → Calculator.

If you want to save this data for later you can put it here:
3 lines on the top left → Utilities → Notepad

I can also make you a quick online spread sheet for this if you want and share it with you.

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I cannot think of any tool simpler for a formula like 44 * 6 * 5 than the ingame calculator.

What’s wrong with the existing feature?


Wants to make the stack split be more complex than need be. Which needs work on as it is anyway. But i digress

It does not exist.

44 * 6 * 5 = 1320

If he types the full number 1320 thats 4 digit’s he has to remember if he types 44 * 6 * 5 that is also 4 digits he has to remember but then he can type + or - or / by mistake so even more chances of making mistakes.

In this case I think the added complexity actually has the opposite effect, if anything a better option would be in the fitting window to right click the ammo loaded into the launcher select “multiple sets” and set it to the number of rounds and that goes directly to cargo.

So, dumb down the game and add even more to the UI just because Gen Z / Gen Alpha can’t do simple math?


Yea exactly there is no point waste of dev time.

Yeah I see Gen Old Miser don’t understand what QOL features are, cannot even think about that this could be toggleable feature and think that if they don’t need it, nobody needs it.
Understand what kind of community this is.

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Why do you need this? Those of us that have been here think about how much dev time would have to go into something small like this may take several weeks to code.

Solutions to what you want are in game already or use a spreadsheet out of game.

Ccp made the ability to use 3rd party apps or excel for a reason.

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