Maulus Navy Issue Tackle

The Maulus Navy issue gets a bonus to range of its tackle modules. This made me wonder what fits of it is good for tackling.

Do these fits look any good?

Maulus Navy Issue | Hardy Knok | Killmail | zKillboard
Maulus Navy Issue | Sin SoLeXX | Killmail | zKillboard
Maulus Navy Issue | Vault 77 Overseer | Killmail | zKillboard
Maulus Navy Issue | Scipio AquIla | Killmail | zKillboard
Maulus Navy Issue | DZEgor | Killmail | zKillboard

Now some of you might note that these are blown up ships, but while bad fits die easily, even good ones will end up there if it’s a pilot adjusting to a new shiny ship, if the ship just got picked off trying to move to the right system, or if a good fit is on the losing side of a battle it can end up here.

Not only does it have a bonus to the scram range (for which you could use a Keres for even more range), but it also gets a bonus +2 strength for scrambling which means that a single faction scram can stop even warp core stabbed deep space transports and Ventures.

For a good fit, choose what you want to do. Are you the tackle of a gate camp? Are you trying solo PvP?

Whether those fits are good depends on their roles. I suppose the last one is a gate camping fit (no propmod) as is the 4th fit, which significantly invested in targeting speed with the fit but lacks tank I would expect to see on such a fit.

The first three fits seem more suitable for solo PvP, but I don’t have enough experience in either solo PvP or in the Maulus Navy Issue to say if those are good fits.

I’m told someone is supposed to be bait at a gate. Then three of us warp to bait and tackle targets. And we’re supposed to stay alive long enough for others to arrive and they won’t be in local so… I guess they are on the other side of the gate? I actually don’t know where the fleet is supposed to be. And it didn’t matter anyways since the bait pilot wasn’t there, and for whatever reason a pilot from another corp who can fly the same bait ship doesn’t work for… reasons. But I want to know if these fits are any good in case we do something that doesn’t get cancelled.

as others said (and as always in eve) the answer is “it depends”
it depends whether you have to hold the grid waiting for friends to come
it depends whether you have to rep yourself or if you have logi friends
it depends on what you plan to tackle: a big battleship? a mining barge? a deep space transport?

so to get a “good” fit you need to give very specific infos…

Kitey fit with arties. Drones do most of the work. But problem is drams, rail comets, slicers, hookbills. Thats why you see it with neuts. But the tank is ■■■■. So its really a limited frig

It can fit a decent buffer and can be kept up relatively well by logi. That’s enough for tackle.

These are all decent fits. The MNI is my preferred ship for deleting Ventures.

That’s a good point, a scram point MNI can hold down even warp core stabbed ventures.


We had 3 Inquisitors, presumably they were going to repair me once they arrived.

Cruiser to battleship sized, we’re not 100% sure.

What are these?

Thanks for the input! Yeah it’s got a descent tank for a tackle outfit. Look at that armor compared to Ares, Keres, and Antron.

What do you think about the fits I showed? If you don’t have time for them all, please see Vault 77 Overseer. I find his choice of neutralizers odd. In the simulation I found the cap lasts for 30 seconds, less than 7 cycles of the neutralizers. The range of them is 6 km, far shorter than a warp scrambler on a Maulus Navy issue, or even a warp scrambler on a normal ship. I mean if you’re going to go that route of tackle and cap warfare, maybe the Executioner with an energy nosferatu in the 4th high is better? Or maybe he’s thinking on a higher level than me. Scramble within 10 km to disable his propulsion modules, and then close in the distance while a normal tackling ship would just watch the guy run away?

If you’re going to be the tackle in the group, priority of what matters is 1. getting (and holding) tackle, 2. locking fast enough so that you can tackle even quick ships, 3. flying fast enough that you can keep up with quick ships or decloak them, 4. enough tank that if ships start shooting back, your logi can hold you, 5. something I probably forgot, 6. whatever you put in your high slots.

Yes, neutralizers can be useful. Guns can be useful. But really, you’re there to catch and hold the ship down and unless you’re doing that solo it doesn’t really matter what you put in your high slots.

Yup, I can all agree with that. No good in being a tackle if you can’t keep up with your target and not get killed by it. The high slots is whatever is left

And neutralizers help you achieve goal 1 and goal 4

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