Max EHP Heavy Hauler, what is the max possible, EHP, Align Time etc

I fly 3 haulers mainly, namely Bustard, Providence, Ark.
E-uni wiki says max hauler EHP can be: DST having 500k EHP, Freighters having 750k EHP with Implants, 1.1m for Jump Freighters. However, I can’t achieve this number.

My normal max without Implants:
Bustard: 117k EHP
Providence: 560k EHP
Ark: 882k EHP

My max with Implants:
Bustard: 171k EHP (with Nirvana set)
Providence: 645k (with Amulet set)
Ark: 1m EHP (with Amulet set)

what have I done wrong?
the EHP increase now is not worth it to abandon Nomad set.

I don’t know which wiki article you’re looking at, but my guess it was written before 2020-04-07, when the Surgical Strike nerfed resistance modules by 20%. This was later on partially reverted, but this nerf hit the ships that could stack many high resistance modules on top of eachother the hardest, such as Deep Space Transports.

That explains why you see that old (ridiculously high) number of 500k EHP on the wiki page and why you’re seeing much lower values there.

Your freighter numbers and jump freighter numbers seem similar to what the wiki article mentions, so I guess that’s not where your problem is.

By the way, are you overheating your modules on the Bustard for that EHP number? 117k seems so low. Those DSTs get overheat bonuses. :wink:

I’m getting about 200k EHP on the following T2 fit without implants, while overheating:

[Bustard, Bustard EHP]

Damage Control II
Power Diagnostic System II
Co-Processor II

50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Caldari Navy Large Shield Extender
EM Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II
Multispectrum Shield Hardener II

Improved Cloaking Device II
Compact Interdiction Nullifier

Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Or, if you really want to get that 500k EHP DST, try putting way too much bling and implants on an Impel. I personally would never pay this much for a bulky hauler, but if ‘max EHP’ is what you want, try something like this:

(Disclaimer: both of these fits are merely something I made a long time ago in Pyfa and haven’t used myself, as I fly other DSTs. Use at your own risk.)

god bless for your intentions, BUT, 2 tornados and 1 gnoiss will kill your bustard and providence with alpha strike in a .9 at a gate. I lost a tanked out Impel and 2.5b

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Yea, deep space transport health means nothing if you don’t activate the resistances before the damage happens.

Flying fast, clever (route choice) and with cloak/MWD is more important on a DST than max EhP. Not getting caught in the first place should IMO be the goal.

For freighters … if they want you dead, you are dead regardless of EhP. Use a webbing alt if you are concerned, or limit the cargo value according to EhP.

For jump freighters applies the same as for DST. If you get caught you are dead regardless of tank.


I miss my 700k EHP impel. Now it’s just barely hitting 330k without implants.

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Still you can have a 100k passive DST (with MWD cloak)

Last time a ganker tried, the nade only removed half my shield… on an armor tanked hauler

Lol, must have been realy badly tanked one then. I can survive 2 nados and 1 gnosis in 0.9 with a Badger.

Your only tank in a transport ship is not getting shot at in the first place.

How did you hit 330k with passive tank?

Passive/Buffer tank more useful for errorless everyday use, active is none if you forgot to turn it on or AFK travel with empty cargo.

Not passive, active hardeners. Passive tank wastes the precious overheat bonus for the hardeners.

I like passive in high sec, active for wormholes/Null.
Cannot use all slots for tank anyways with WH/Null fit.

Yes, I only use that fitting in high sec. With cloak you have more than enough time to slowboat around and turn on the overheat for your hardeners and then wait for the decloak to activate them.

In lower security areas I would also use stab and mods for more agility/speed.

I use the hauler ship badger with 4 reactor control unit and I tank 600 hp 2.9s. i was tacled bye a frigate and i made a deal with him. with med cap booster, scram, and gun. I transporte expensive stuff on my badger.

Now, you see, if the gankers were smart, they would gank your webbing ship while your freighter is on route :smiley:

Maybe my question is offtop, sorry. Is Nidhoggur ratting still actual? Thank you.

Are there any freighter gankers left after the sec status penalty changes?


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