Hey i have a question, what’s the highest ehp can BB reach? that question is trapped in my mind everyday and when i tried it,the highest ever i can get is in my rattlesnake with whopping 765k ehp and if i overload it become 1,5 million ehp with 323 hp/s regen, but the dps becoming trash 1643 dps. I want to tried with vargur after my question is answered :slight_smile:

Your question is too unspecific.

  • Implant set?
  • Fleetboost?
  • Officer fitting modules?
  • Abyssal modules?

In theory you could bring a Rattlesnake to more than 3,4 million eHP (at least as long as the overheat lasts), but thats just putting all max-rolled officer stuff on it + fleetboost from a maxed char. It’s a highly unrealistic value of no practical use.

What about vargur, paladin or other marauder? Can they reach that? Or they can only be effective with only active tank?
Btw yes, using implant, high end fitting and all fully max skills (level 5) to support it

No, they have only 2 Rig Slots which is a great disadvantage because they cannot fit 3 shield extender rigs / trimarks.

Also Armor Ships don’t have an overheatable multispectrum module, which does greatly affect eHP.

I think the Scorpion Navy Issue is the BS with the most eHP possible (4.05 Million eHP).

You could use the x-type hardeners or purple. Overheat all damage types and your ehp increases dramatically.
You could fit an Absolution with a 1600mm plate, 4x x-type hardeners, links, hg-slaves, overheat and reach about 1 million ehp.

And is 1 Million eHP more than 4 Million eHP?

you compare a Battleship with a Command ship


Easy 660K eHP+
With Imps 2400 eHP/s +

Komodo, 263M EHP (before links?)

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