Max rorqual pilot +

im for sale to highest bidder
looking for 30b or better
I will pay transfer fees
positive sec status and wallet

1 bid at starting price and this character is guaranteed to sell

8b offer

I can do 12b

19 bil offer

and up

I can extract the skills and make much more

Offer price 23B

28B Is it ok?

and up again

still for sale

yes still for sale

29 bil

any more bids as sale will be over after dt

Rose Lan you win send isks and account info for transfer

still no response from winner so will reopen bidding and see if anyone is still interested

up we go who knows where we will land

stilll sellling?

sorry for late reply I have been on vacation I still have this character and will sell for the right price

can you pls update the 1st post, there is nothing we can see what is for sale