[May 2019] Triglavian Industry Changes

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #8

Another note, will we ever be getting a Svarog Entropic Radiation Sink? While they still lack both a faction damage mod & rigs, the damage mod seems like it’d be the easier one to implement, and it’d fill out the clade-named items~

Two, can the naming schemes of the faction EDs be looked at @CCP_Rise ?

All other faction turrets use faction -> size -> turret for a naming scheme, while faction Entropic Disintegrators use size -> faction -> turret instead. Even the faction Muta RR has the correct naming scheme, leaving just the turrets out of place. (I submitted a BR for this a while back, too - EBR-173929)


Heavy Veles Entropic Disintegrator
True Sansha Tachyon Beam Laser
Perun Heavy Mutadaptive Armor Repairer

(Vert Moliko) #9

You reckon they will occur in all data/relics through the cluster? Aren’t the ship skills in the abyss only?

(Mina Sebiestar) #10

Will t2 BS ship cost as much as capital…
…will it be quasi capital?

(CCP Rise) #11

Definitely agree with you that it’s an issue. Don’t have a plan to deal with that yet but will try and get to that soon.

(ZeroGravitas Banksy) #12

For that matter, will Tech II sinks become normal T2 items, or continue to be weirdo hybrid meta items for build purposes?

(Dunk Dinkle) #13

Are the new components materials that drop, or are they manufactured, like existing Tech 2 construction components?

(CCP Rise) #14

I can’t say much about the sourcing at the moment since it’s related to some new content. More info soon.

(Dunk Dinkle) #15

Great! Quite exciting for new indy content and opportunities. Thanks!

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(Prometheus Hinken) #16

swoon consider me intrigued!

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(Gustav Mannfred) #17

any plans for drone dda and disintegrator mutaplasmids?
And do you also take a look at abyssal pvp loot crate, since you mostly get trash of it. Maybe these items could be dropped there.

But these changes sound interesting.

(Dunk Dinkle) #18

I guess the question is build Zarmazds and invent T2 BPCs now, or wait to post patch?

In the past, there have been huge price spikes on release due to a dearth of materials.

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(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #19

I’d rather see drone mutaplasmids than dda mutas, that’d be a lot more fun - multi-use mutaplasmids for x number of drones~ “Unstable Heavy Vila Mutaplasmid”, etc etc.

ooh - will definitely keep an even closer eye on the puzzles and whispers :wink: :small_red_triangle:

(Muon Farstrider) #20

I am kinda unhappy about this. Unless something else changes, this is only going to drive up the already annoyingly high price of actually outfitting a trig ship. Right now, a damavik is 70 mil, and giving it a proper gun (no, meta doesn’t count) adds another 30 with the Veles disintegrator. (Or, rather, it was 30 until everyone ran to the market and bought them all out in response to this announcement.) With this change, now the minimum price for actually fitting out a damavik is going to be at least as large as the cost of the hull itself, which seems wrong for a simple T2 fit. A T2 frigate gun should not cost 60 mil! The build costs of the disintegrator guns need looking at.

(Tipa Riot) #21

The price spike was on April 5th. So definitely a leak, or was there some public source I missed?

(Circumstantial Evidence) #22

Price or availability of Light Veles Entropic Disintegrator has been going up and down wildly, in the past few weeks. 90-100m today in Jita

(Dominous Nolen) #23

Would assume they will be dropping from faction data and relic sites (I forget where sleeper encryption methods drop). Unless they decide to make them an abyssal only drop from the bioadaptive caches.

(Dragos Highwind) #24
  • Any chance of increasing the materials drop rate to bring prices down as a whole? Prices are already obscene, these changes will increase the price on everything except T1 ammo. Unless Zero-point and Crystal Isogen drops are increase drastically any more demand for T2 parts/blueprints will further skyrocket their cost.

  • Any word on Abyssal stability fixes? The price increases as people stray away from doing the sites because of losing ships to disconnects. People fear client crashes, and stability more than they do the actual content. This leads to further supply issues.

  • Scoped and Compact disintegrators need a materials pass. While drastically increasing the cost of Veles will help them, their cost to make simply means people will grind to T2 rather than buy a modifier variant.

  • Any word on recycling Mutie failure rolled gear supply abyss materials of some level… or something at least interesting?

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(Tzar Sinak) #25

Or hacking inside the Abyss sites… 20 minutes, lots of things to do. What do you prioritize?

(Sirinda) #26

Will the skillbooks be made available in advance or will they be forked off of the ones that are currently being used for inventing Triglavian ships?

(Neugeniko) #27

The veles spiked on the tech2 ammo for faction guns announcement on may the 4th.

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