May be selling myself 16.9 mil SP

(Non Actinides) #1

Looking to see what I might bring if I get a good offer I will drop Corp and bring myself back to high sec…

6 hours from mining director 5

Full set of Standard +4s
2 re maps

(ktmkilljoy) #2

can you link ur character so i can see what ur sp look like thank you

(Non Actinides) #3

lol sorry

(tradertrader1) #4

9 bil

(Non Actinides) #5

Eve appraiser lists her for over 15.2, you will have to better than 9.

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #6

10 bil

(Tian Amilupar) #7

11 bill

(Blue Kitteh) #8

As discussed and agreed privately.
This character will transfer ISK

(Non Actinides) #9

Confirming accepted in game offer will start transfer

(system) #10

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