Meaning of Green numbers?

I get these numbers in local in a temporal char, i am in jita. what is the meaning of +25 ?

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It means you can screen shot with a dedicated button on your keyboard .


Not sure, I’ve never really messed around with the Hypernet Relay.

I think the green number represents the amount of Hyper Nodes left available to bid on the item.

Anyway, seems my google search isn’t working very good, this info from CCP is very limited…

It means a sucker is born every minute…

Learn to take a screenshot my goodness

Win + Shift + S

i have not idea but i dont use hyper relay. Maybe someone ccp can say what it is. I ask too in Brave Dojo


It’s a visual artifact that happens when you close the air career program window too soon after claiming the rewards. Relog to fix.


Looks like the air career logo indeed. And it’s shown on top of the hypernet text, yet not part of it as shown by the misalignment with the rest of the text and cut-off bottom parts of ‘yp’ in HyperNet.

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for the context my image had hypernet, but appear when not hypernet near. i thingk is a glitch of air as someone say.

@ISD_Traindriver any idea ?

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Exactly this.


Yeah its happened to me numerous times in the past. Relogging solves the issue.


Ahhh, so that’s what it is… a glitch in the Matrix…

Good to know… :wink: