Meat loaf with Mashed potatoes, Mushroom gravy and Mixed vegetables

Name your favorite family recipe and how to make it. I need ideas.

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Are you starting a family?

Pizza, it is just pizza base with cheese, tomato sauce, and whatever else you want or find.

I usually make my own ravioli if I have family coming in as I have a pasta roller.

Just a simple pasta recipe, usually use a 4 cheese filling. (Parm, Mozz, Riccota, and Pecorino). Roll them out, press them. And throw in boiling water.


A roast dinner. But you roast the chicken with a generous helping of homemade cream of mushroom soup and use goose fat on the potatoes. Also using mustard when cooking steak is really nice.

I also really like prerogi with beef, herbs and onions (essentially polish dumplings)

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Take two dead cats, deep fry them for 16 seconds. Sprinkle a dash of dry-powdered coca cola(pepsi works too). Dash of Peppercorn. Dash of Activated Almonds. Braise with a sauce made of up 3/4ths Coconut Water, 1/6ths Pelican Grease, 7/19ths Parched blueberries.

Bake at 714 degrees farenheit for 6 and a half minutes, then decrease the heat to 406.5 for 10 minutes. Then back up to 472.3 for 2 minutes.

Now it gets tricky. Every 65 seconds you need to add half an egg yolk and a 1/3rd of an eggwhite drizzled on top. Continue for 6 minutes.

Your wife, significant other, and their children and grandchildren will all thank you for such a delicious meal.

Dont forget your chopsticks!

Pierogi? What filling? With meat or with cabbage and mushrooms? Or mashed potatoes, white cheese and onion? Or maybe with blueberries? I like them with meat.

I think they are a bit too time consuming for what they are. We just buy them in shop.

Me too. Whale or dolphin?

Eh? I already said :laughing:

Sorry, my mind didnt register it was filling. I imagined you eat them separately with those things. :laughing:

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Something we call Lasagne that isn’t quite lasagne.

Fry some mince in a healthy glug of red wine let the wine cook off. Veg mince works just fine. Add thinly sliced or mashed garlic if you can have it, if you avoid fodmaps garlic oil works fine. A healthy pinch of mixed Italian herbs. A couple of cans of passata. Let it all simmer.

If you are using dry lasagne sheets boil them for a bit first so they soften. You can lay them all out on a clean dining tray. Best if you get someone else to do this for you while you make the sauce.

So you are making what is essentially a low effort bechemel cheese sauce. Cut off 50 grams of butter, melt it in a pan but don’t let it boil. Tip in 50 grams of flour. Any kind of flour works if you are avoiding gluten. Stir till it’s granular. You are then going to add a litre of milk (if you use plant milk use the barista stuff as it has more fat) a splash at a time, stiring it till it thickens each time. With the first splash you also add a hefty teaspoon of English mustard. And a shake of cayenne. (It doesn’t need to be English mustard but American mustard wouldn’t work, too sweet no spice)

This bit takes patience. You have to stir the sauce till it thickens. When you can draw the stirring implement through it and the sauce takes a moment to come back together you are ready to add as much cheese as you can handle without your circulatory system grinding to a halt. I recommend a medium English cheddar.

Then you take a big Pyrex and layer. Ragu, lasagna sheets, you can add some torn mozzarella here, Ragu lasagne sheets then the cheese sauce. If you like crispy bits leave the lasagne corners above the cheese sauce, if you don’t like crispy bits poke them down below the cheese sauce.

Put your not quite lasagne in the oven at about gas mark 7 for approx 20 mins or until it’s golden. Keep an eye on it.

When out the oven let it sit for a minute.this gives the lasagne time to set and not melt into lasagne soup on your plate if you are worried about presentation. Even if you aren’t worried about presentation it’s nice not to scald the inside of your mouse with cheese napalm.

My missus is polish and was a head chef in poland so i eat a lot of polish food :slight_smile:

Opinions opinions

It’s not about what you cook, but about what you do with the food :disguised_face:

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