Meet the CSM 15!

Did you miss the results? You’ve got a long-time well-known high sec pilot in Mike Azariah and a highsec PvEr in Torvald who got elected. You’ve got an industry guy, you’ve got a IT infrastucture ESI guy, you’ve got a community candidate, you’ve got a lowseccer, you’ve got an FC, you’ve got the heads of the two largest corporations in the game - I mean, I don’t know what else you expect on a CSM. The only thing it doesn’t have is a dedicated wormholer.

That’s what I intend to do.


There should have been sound. Something like a toilet flushing! :crazy_face:

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YouTube’s recommended follow-up video :thinking:

Is this what we’ve become? Seems about right.

Thank you for this - this is exactly what I needed.

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Thanks again.

Well, if you’re already Alpha then it’s not costing you anything to keep your character and assets.

Just keep an eye on patch notes and hopefully some future changes will incite you to sub again or at the very least, log in as Alpha and check it out.


Drago Shouna was biomassed today, cya guys.

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Well, sorry to hear that.

Too many older Vet players have already left this game, hopefully you’ll be back again some day.

Until then, take care.



Fly safe during your new endeavors o/


In your honor I just subscribed a new account.

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Nobody cares.

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Well, that’s a bald faced lie because some of us older players do care.


Nothing of value was lost.

Thank you, this is my main that was put in the biomass queue last night.

All my assets and isk have been given away and as soon as I post this, Mindrago, my main will be gone.

Cya guys, Drago.


That was your main? Ok.

Can I have your stuff?

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CSM ? more like GCSM

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