[MERC] - Gate Tax Collection Agency/CODE. Alliance

I’m a pretty big deal. If you don’t know who I am, I’m Australian Excellence. I kill high value targets anywhere in Highsec with my colleagues in the Code Alliance.

You may have seen the most recent 330 billion nomad kill that just recently occured. We have reached such a high point in eve that we want to branch out into new markets. I am happy to announce that the Gate Tax Collection Agency and several other corps in the CODE. alliance will now be accepting Mercenary Contracts.

As one of the people leading CODE., I can provide a unique service for customers that is not replicable by other Mercenary Entities. I am able to target anyone in Eve, regardless of what corporation or ship they are in. If your target drops into NPC corp after being wardec’d, it won’t matter as we can kill any target; anywhere.

For the time being, We will able to accept these types of contracts:

-Logistics Denial (Includes the tankiest ships in the game ie triple bulked Jump Freighters)
-Targeted Ganks
-Structure Bashing

A rather simple list of contracts to be offered, you will find satisfaction in knowing that you can finally target those that hide in NPC corporations. You could say that I’m the most skilled player in the game when it comes to hunting these elusive targets. Your satisfaction is my guarantee.

If you are interested in hiring the Gate Tax Collection Agency/CODE. alliance, please send me a mail in game at “Australian Excellence” and/or to my associate “Siegfried Cohenberg” Posts in the thread are also welcome. Pricing will be available upon request.


Great evil guys and super effective. :smirk:

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Super! Top Gankers!

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Assassination contracts?
Nice! :laughing:

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One of the best in the game when it comes to hunting whales.


Good luck and happy to see this happy!

Start a reward program for people who give pilot names on officer fits mission runners.

We’re ramping up our citadel bashing as of lately. If you don’t like a citadel, we can give you a deep discount to remove it.

Many happy customers, much success

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