Mercenary changes


It would be great if we could get a system that was conditionally based.
“Kill target structure at location” [Kill X in X]
“Kill enemies of corporation” [Kill X of X]

add an additional option “if addition station, or enemies killed, bonus x isk per station, per unit”.

All of these things are handled already between players, there is no need to waste developer time.


So it’s missions. You’re suggesting missions.

A contract to kill a certain structure would likely be a fairly easy thing to put together.

Killing enemies of a certain corporation could be very easily gamed however. That is probably best handled using good old chat channels or in-game mail.

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Been a software engineer for 30 years, the real thing, your ideas are stupid and conflict with other systems.

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Missions handed out by players and carried out against players.

I’m not sure we need a dedicated framework for this given that you can just talk to other players to arrange such things already, but I do find the idea intriguing.

But he is a game designer! *gasp *

Game design is a field so advanced, that only “true” designers really understand the nuances of complex game systems.

Software engineers and other academics are mere plebs, compared to the almighty game designer.

This is so far fetched, I think you are being sarcastic yes?

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I thought it was obvious :smiley: .

Sarcasm? On the INTERNET?! SAY IT ISNT SO!

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This one we’ve covered extensively in our wardec discord.

You never know on these forums :slight_smile:

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