Monetizing Structure Bashes

It’d be interesting if there were contracts for the defense and attack of citadels.

  • Contract would be issued with a specific vulnerability window as the deadline for completion
  • Defense contract would be fulfilled if the unreinforced citadel did not enter reinforcement, or if the reinforced citadel is repaired.
  • Offensive contract would be fulfilled if the citadel is destroyed. This would of course mean 3 fights. If the citadel repairs at any point during that offensive window, the contract is failed and no payment remitted. There would be an OPTION for incremental payment per timer (each time you reinforce, you unlock an issuer-specified % of the reward).

The contracts I feel would improve the QOL of mercs, and perhaps open up a new avenue of revenue for them, while at the same time cleaning space up of garbage.

The offensive contract feels very intuitive, so I don’t think any other explanation is needed. Of course… you may disagree.

The defensive contract would most likely be issued after a reinforcement. For example, dudes just reinforced the shield timer. I then decide to issue a defensive contract for the armor timer. Or I decide to wait for the hull timer, and issue a contract for that.

A third possible usage, mostly for defensive contracts, is ransoms. While it’s somewhat anti-sandbox, you could technically issue a defensive contract to the attackers for a ransom amount… ergo after they simply do not continue their attack to push from armor to hull timer, the contract is fulfilled and the attackers get their ransom while the defenders get their citadel. Of course… nothing says the attackers can’t come back next week… :smiley:



-.- really?

I’ve made and seen enough “can we please have a reason to kill all the structures in space” threads. I’m reaching for a different reason. Yea it’s a stretch lol.

Plus I could see it useful in SOV warfare in null, alliances can contract kill while they’re evicting to simplify a reward structure for killing structures. Yea they could just “give money” but this provides accounting built-in.

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Ah so like a joining faction warfare window you see in most NPC stations, just with structure bashes you can join or look what is going on.
That window would look like the corporation window you get when you are being war-decked, where you can add allies.

Why not. Let’s end the endless citadel spam.

Not at all what I had in mind, but totally in line with the spirit of the idea yes. I’d be remiss if I did not point out it wouldn’t stop the spam… just grease the right palms to get a little action out of them.

Okay that citadel spam was a mere joke.

Anyhow, I didn’t get at first what you wanted and in your second post it became clear, so I had a picture in my mind of how it could look if implemented.
This is one of those rare ideas that could have merit if done right ™ and I don’t see anything that would break EVE.
It could even involve an isk sink for placing “bid” on take-downs that would be “paid” to the SCC.

I do support isk sinks, but it would need to not be more than a few % tops, otherwise people wouldn’t want to use it.

I can’t see any room for abuse either. Well… abuse of mechanics at least. Honestly, I’m just trying to think about how much use it would see for ransoming. One could become extremely wealthy ransoming the right citadels, with the right group of players.

It’d be no more boring than any form of PVE activity, so for isk generation, I totally wouldn’t mind bashing structures in low/high. 200m for an astra seems like a fair ransom, definitely cheaper and easier than dropping and fitting a new one.

Sounds good to me. CCP wants destruction and this way they can get a hell lot more of it.

Right, I forgot. I had something like 1 to 3% in mind with the fee or tax or whatever.

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