[ MERCS 4 HIRE ] Final Ultimatum (A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS)

Can i have your stuff?

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In before the lock :slight_smile:


ihave eyou stuff please!

why is this one not locked

it will be

and you call me dumb then ask for my stuff lol

i’m mocking you idiot

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and now idiot jesus you are smart did you not see the lol

More tears please…

no tears just fight bitch

i dont give up ever

this is not a fight…if you think it is then, wow…

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you will…you are just tilting right now…

everything is a fight your either a fighter or a bitch and i assure you 95%of the people out there are bitches

tough talk online…lol…so brave.

no i will win it may take time but i will i always win ask Toro how Marmite is doing oh ya its done lol

So back to your stuff…who gets it?

Ya you should give some money to Marmite too…becasue that will work.

no one im far from done with eve