Mercurialis Inc. [BASTN] - Oldest Nullsec PvP Corp in EVE - Recruiting Pilots

Mercurialis Inc. [MINC]
In game channel: MINC

Has re-opened recruitment to prospective combat pilots.

Newer EVE players welcome!

MINC is:

  • Now the longest running nullsec PvP corp in EVE. We started in 2002 during beta, and during our 15-year history we controlled Catch with IAC, and helped to found Wildly Inappropriate.
  • Currently a senior corporation in The Bastion, and controls the region of Delve, together with our coalition The Imperium. However, we are usually deployed elsewhere in EVE for PvP and conquest.
  • One of the most active corps in the former NC from 2009 to 2011 - fighting with our brosefs from Pure Blind to Geminate through thick and thin, until the very end. BFF! :wink:
  • 90 per cent kill efficiency over our 15 years history.
  • Stable as a group of ~150 pilots, spread across all timezones. (mainly euro and US)
  • Peak corp activity is 18:00 to midnight GMT, with 10-20 members online in the evenings Monday to Friday. Offpeak hours average around 5-10 members online. Most of us will be in fleets.
  • Average member has 50 million SP, and 50-150 kills a month, depending on local pest population. :innocent:
  • Fly everything from stealth bombers and battlecruisers to caps and supercaps; small gang roaming to large capital fights.
  • Active, experienced, and fun-loving corp, alliance and coalition FCs.
  • An extensive and speedy logistical network that keeps us well-supplied. You purchase a ship or module - we deliver it to you within days.
  • A generous and comprehensive SRP (Ship Replacement Programme) covering the cost of most ships from 'dictors to supercapital losses.
  • Large scale, alliance-wide fleets every day, smaller, faster roams and gangs hourly - available throughout the day.
  • Opportunies to be part of a 40,000-man coalition, and take part in epic, game-changing battles with thousands of other pilots in the same system.
  • A whole region where you can earn isk, in between fleets and roams.

MINC is not:

  • Smacktalk artists, scammers, pirates, or purveyors of general douchebaggeriness. We are easy going mature guys in real life who enjoy pewpewing and blowing ships up with friends.
  • Elitists. We have high standards in our pilots, but we are also friendly and supportive of our members. We welcome newer EVE players who wants to experience nullsec and PvP.
  • Do not apply if you enjoy drama or constant spam. We enjoy banter and corpchat/Teamspeak is active, and the atmosphere is always friendly, but we dislike none-stop chatter or drama.
  • Miners, ratters, and carebears. We have industrial/carebear alts, but our main chars are all PvP-focused.
  • In the business of making you rich. We are in the business of giving our pilots kills and fun when they log on.
  • Mass recruiting. MINC has been a stable, active corp for years, and we would rather decline an application than recruit someone who wouldn’t fit in well with us.

Why join MINC over another corp?

  • No drama or e-peen. We kill as many reds as we can when we log on, and try to have fun doing it.
  • A stable, helpful and active leadership that has been here since the start.
  • Experienced, friendly memberbase. There will always be lots of us online!
  • A bunch of nullsec vets (not very bitter but we do try occasionally :grimacing:) who enjoys a good laugh and a good fight.
  • If you are a newer player, MINC is a good place to learn nullsec and PvP. We won’t run classes or tutorials, but we will have your back in fleets and roams, and support you as you become a better combat pilot.
  • Plenty of pewpew led by experienced corp, allliance and coalition FCs, with skilled pilots who know how to fit and fly their internet pixels, and have fun.
  • Extensive and organised corp logistics. Any ship or mod you want, where you want, with minimal fuss.

Want to give us a try?

Our ideal candidate is:

  • Enjoys or wants to experience nullsec combat and is willing to spend much of his/her time PvPing.
  • Mature, chilled player who enjoys teamworking and a good joke.
  • Promising killboard history (kill count and K:D ratio), both recently and overall.
  • Good activity level, as judged by your employment history.
  • Around 10-15mil SP and/or can fly T2 frigates. (flexible)
  • Self-sufficient in isks.
  • Able to use Teamspeak, Mumble and Jabber.

Ok I’m in! How do I find out more?

  1. Join in-game channel MINC - our recruitment channel.
  2. Speak with one of the recruiters - Belegvaethor(EU), Mannakin(EU), Snakebite943(EU) or Guapo Udan(US).
  3. Feel free to mail one of us with any questions.
  4. We will organise an informal chat and interview with you.

Day one; survived

Day two; wasn’t all that bad

Day three; the weather was disappointing

Day four; internet said no

Day five; back from holiday, ■■■■ was cash. Going to stop the count now

Coalition did stuff today

Come roam with us soon :slight_smile:

Still looking for a few more players to fly with :sunglasses:

Recruitment will be open for a while, no rush


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Recruitment is still open, come meet us in channel “MINC”

Still looking for a few more dudes

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We’re looking for active, hard working PvPers who are looking for a good time

We love you long time

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