Mercurialis Inc. [BASTN] - Oldest Nullsec PvP Corp in EVE - Recruiting Pilots

Mercurialis Inc. [MINC]
In game channel: MINC

Has re-opened recruitment to prospective combat pilots.

Newer EVE players welcome!

MINC is:

  • Now the longest running nullsec PvP corp in EVE. We started in 2002 during beta, and during our 15-year history we controlled Catch with IAC, and helped to found Wildly Inappropriate.
  • Currently a senior corporation in The Bastion, and controls the region of Delve, together with our coalition The Imperium. However, we are usually deployed elsewhere in EVE for PvP and conquest.
  • One of the most active corps in the former NC from 2009 to 2011 - fighting with our brosefs from Pure Blind to Geminate through thick and thin, until the very end. BFF!
  • 90 per cent kill efficiency over our 15 years history.
  • Stable as a group of ~80 pilots, spread across all timezones. (mainly EU and US)
  • Peak corp activity is 18:00 to midnight GMT, with 10-20 members online in the evenings Monday to Friday. Offpeak hours average around 5-10 members online. Most of us will be in fleets.
  • Average member has 50 million SP, and 50-150 kills a month, depending on local pest population.
  • Fly everything from stealth bombers and battlecruisers to caps and supercaps; small gang roaming to large capital fights.
  • Active, experienced, and fun-loving corp, alliance and coalition FCs.
  • An extensive and speedy logistical network that keeps us well-supplied. You purchase a ship or module - we deliver it to you within days.
  • A generous and comprehensive SRP (Ship Replacement Programme) covering the cost of most ships from 'dictors to supercapital losses.
  • Large scale, alliance-wide fleets every day, smaller, faster roams and gangs hourly - available throughout the day.
  • Opportunies to be part of a 45,000-man coalition, and take part in epic, game-changing battles with thousands of other pilots in the same system.
  • A whole region where you can earn isk, in between fleets and roams.

MINC is not:

  • Smacktalk artists, scammers, pirates, or purveyors of general douchebaggeriness. We are easy going mature guys in real life who enjoy pewpewing and blowing ships up with friends.
  • Elitists. We have high standards in our pilots, but we are also friendly and supportive of our members. We welcome newer EVE players who wants to experience nullsec and PvP.
  • Do not apply if you enjoy drama or constant spam. We enjoy banter and corpchat/Teamspeak is active, and the atmosphere is always friendly, but we dislike none-stop chatter or drama.
  • Miners, ratters, and carebears. We have industrial/carebear alts, but our main chars are all PvP-focused.
  • In the business of making you rich. We are in the business of giving our pilots kills and fun when they log on.
  • Mass recruiting. MINC has been a stable, active corp for years, and we would rather decline an application than recruit someone who wouldn’t fit in well with us.

Why join MINC over another corp?

  • No drama or e-peen. We kill as many reds as we can when we log on, and try to have fun doing it.
  • A stable, helpful and active leadership that has been here since the start.
  • Experienced, friendly memberbase. There will always be lots of us online!
  • A bunch of nullsec vets (not very bitter but we do try occasionally) who enjoys a good laugh and a good fight.
  • If you are a newer player, MINC is a good place to learn nullsec and PvP. We won’t run classes or tutorials, but we will have your back in fleets and roams, and support you as you become a better combat pilot.
  • Plenty of pewpew led by experienced corp, allliance and coalition FCs, with skilled pilots who know how to fit and fly their internet pixels, and have fun.
  • Extensive and organised corp logistics. Any ship or mod you want, where you want, with minimal fuss.

Want to give us a try?

Our ideal candidate is:

  • Enjoys or wants to experience nullsec combat and is willing to spend much of his/her time PvPing.
  • Mature, chilled player who enjoys teamworking and a good joke.
  • Promising killboard history (kill count and K:D ratio), both recently and overall.
  • Good activity level, as judged by your employment history.
  • Around 10-15mil SP and/or can fly T2 frigates. (flexible)
  • Self-sufficient in isks.
  • Able to use Teamspeak, Mumble and Jabber.

Ok I’m in! How do I find out more?

  1. Join in-game channel MINC - our recruitment channel.
  2. Speak with one of the recruiters - Belegvaethor(EU), Mannakin(EU), Guapo Udan(US), Pendu Padecain(US) or RVAMitchell(AU).
  3. Feel free to mail one of us with any questions.
  4. We will organise an informal chat and interview with you.

Still looking for some pilots to hunt with!

Good fights to be had, Keepstars to kill.

Recruiting Alpha players too :sunglasses:

We’re still looking for more spais


Alliance and small gang hourly. Industry. Generous SRP. Join our public channel to learn more!

Still recruiting players at all levels.

Always looking for some more spies!

MINC has been at it since 2003. Find out what makes us tic

Happy Easter to all! :bananaparrot::bananaparrot:

Hello. I.m interested. Where i should move in eventually?

Thread re-opened on request of original poster.

Recruitment has reopened again! Looking for more spies.