Mercurialis Inc is Recruiting! Join the Oldest Active Corporation in EvE!

Are you tired of CCP screwing you more than your wife? Then come hang out with us, the oldest active corporation in EvE, founded way back when this was a Beta… Or are we still in the Beta…? After all those years of getting screwed, we only have some mild chafing, so we must be doing something right. What things you might ask?

We’ve been apart of every major conflict in EvE, with the most recent being the glassing of Esoteria, where we lead The Bastion alliance in the early stages of a dinosaur extinction event. We enjoy hopping in, giving a hard blow, and running off into the sunset as structures explode.

Are you new to the game? Great! We offer null-sec PvP and PvE where you will learn alongside experienced and friendly corp mates. Want to lick rocks? We’ve got a guy for that… T2 Construction? We’ve got a girl for you… PI? Well friends if you’ve ever wanted to stare at a planet we have got the folks to help you! And of course, we will have you shoot things too!

Are you an old bittervet? Well friend, I’m going to insert you into a blops and we are going to insert that blops into something even larger… Want to learn more? Well join are public channel in game at MINC BAR or talk to our recruiting staff featuring RVAMitchell, Mystic Siren, or Almalexia Vivekosia, as well as any other director you might see shooting you!

Fly Safe Nerds,

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