Merge forum into one

Splitting the forum into pieces doesn’t add anything. I would like to suggest most if not all categories are merged into one.

Why would it matter to you. I thought you quiet the game.


That’s basically what “Latest” does. It ignores all categories, unless you select one.


Yet another galacticly stupid idea… At this point I’m sure you’re doing it on purpose. I guess trolling is your life’s goal ?


Why is it stupid?

I tried to fit the categories in one screenshot

In my experience, if CCP wants to suppress a subject, they move it out of GD so it can die quietly. They say they want open and honest discussions, but they really don’t. I think it’s a good idea to merge the forums.


In a forum with just one area, your stupid ideas get buried even faster. Not to mention that you can just mute everything you don’t need. My list is much shorter because I have everything weirdo languages related hidden. I also don’t get how moving something out of GD kills the conversation. Active topics still show up under Latest.

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Ppl barely have time to play games, let alone browse 30 different categories in a forum section? The problem with latest is that its not the front page and also gets cluttered among other things by character sales. Which dont belong on a forum. They could have a separate system for character sales. But thats just my opinion. Possible that merging all categories into GD will also create clutter. But can be fixed with an algorithm based on likes, comments + more so that relevant and engaging topics get prio.

You do realize that Latest is exactly what you want the entire forum to look like, right?

They have. It’s called Character Bazaar forum. You can mute it and hide it so that its contents don’t show up in Latest and the category doesn’t enlarge your forum list.

That’s called Reddit. Under such a system, people will bury your crap even faster than you can blink with your one eye with vote brigading.


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You can review all posts regardless of category using the:

links at the top of the forum.

What are your credentials? I’m assuming “Forum Expert” is one of them…

CCP doesn’t even read the forum.

They do. But only on Reddit and Discord.
This forum serves the community of EVE players, not the devs as far as I can see. Count how many CCP devs and members of CSM enteract with the players on this forum and you’ll see that “burying” a thread is bogus and borders on paranoia.

How do I do that?

You are wrong. By the way, the ISD’s do all the grunt work.

Go into a Forum category and click on the Bell icon in the top right corner next to the +New Topic button. Or go to Forum Settings > Tracking and then Muted at the bottom and start adding forums to the list.

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What specific information does CCP try to suppress by burying threads?
Is CCP afraid of its players? Can the players force CCP to do anything? Could another Summer of Rage happen?
Is this forum so read and popular that CCP needs to micromanage it?

Of course the ISD do the grunt work. Every corporation works that way. Elon Musk isn’t going to spend the day integrating all the wiring for the Starship’s guidance system himself, he hires technicians for that, they do the grunt work, or did you expect Hilmar himself to moderate a forum that hardly any CCP employee read?

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