Frontpage filter needed for those of us who use the "show new posts" frontpage setting

Since the forum is so slow nowadays, I set my frontpage to show all new posts, but I really don’t care to see posts from certain subforums like Character Bazaar and the like.

I need a way to turn those off so I only see all the latest posts from the subforums that interest me such as Wormholes, GD, CSM, and others.

It seems like this would already be customizable, but I also think this forum software generally sucks overall, and it feels like an after thought at best. I won’t be surprised to see this request go ignored.

Just to confirm, you’re using the Latest view of the forums, and you would like to exclude specific categories?

If that is the case, you can control that by muting the categories you don’t want to show up on your Latest feed. This can be done from your preferences, or in each category with the button next to “New topic”



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