Muted Categories Showing up in "New" posts feeds

(Dominous Nolen) #1

Seems to be an issue with the display function for “New” posts showing all content (including muted threads and categories)

I’ve muted the localized language threads and ensured alot of the threads are set to “normal” yet I am still seeing any new post under any forum showing up in my new items display.

(Steve Ronuken) #2

Did you mute the top level, or the sub categories?

Afaik, you need to mute the subcategories

(Carbon Alabel) #3

That’s pretty horrible behaviour. I don’t see any options to change it in preferences, is there any site wide option affecting this @CCP_Avalon?

(Madame Erika) #4

Yeah I’ve noticed that too. @CCP_Avalon Let mute apply to subcategories and New please!

(Dominous Nolen) #5

I muted the entire top level of the language form. If I need to go deeper than that, then this is not a good path.

(Dominous Nolen) #6

Bump @CCP_Avalon

(CCP Avalon) #7

You need to go derper, and deeper. Muting a parent category does not mute the sub-categories.

(Dominous Nolen) #8

Thats pretty annoying for first time visitors TBH. I don’t need to see every new post created in every language sub I don’t subscribe to. It should be the inverse, unless we sub to a thread, we shouldn’t be notified.

(Rivr Luzade) #9

This is really annoying. Especially since you have to copy them from a different tab if you want to mute something like the Russian forums. This ought to be changed and made more convenient. This is madness. This not only defeats the purpose of the feature, it also defeats the purpose of the New Topics feed because no one is going to take these efforts and just has their feed swamped with useless topics from Char Bazaar or unintelligible Russian drivel.

Also, yet another point proving the uselessness of these top levels.