The unread/new topics list used to have the forum in the list as a sortable choice. Now it is just a description.

How totally useless is this? Now we have to scan over all the char bazar and recruitment posts just to find the few in GD, C&P, etc.

Poor design, isn’t there anyone who checks up on these guys to make sure they are not adding bad ideas?

Came expecting an anti-CODE rant. Leaving disappointed…


Ahahaha me too.

Oh man, so sorry :rofl:

No rants about Code…

I am very sad now…

Wahhhhh wahhhh:(


You must be new here :stuck_out_tongue:

you can set forum headings/categories to NOT show. Click on your avatar > cog > then from left hand side notifications > categories then add forums categories to muted… you can still go into those section manually from the category list but they wont show on your list of new posts.

Of course not, CCP always had players for that.

Hiding is not the same as sorting.

It is just bad design, bad code, bad management.

Nice bait! :smiley:

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