Meta Zero - NS Nomadic PvP Corporation

We are space communists too!

Recruitment still open!


We are straying away from the “basic pvp” requirement and instead trying to focus on people we small gang experience specifically. At this point, we are approaching the ~20 active people we want to keep so we will be a bit more selective!

Recruitment is still open! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is open!



Recruitment Still open looking for a few more dudes

Bump! Looking for some dudes :slight_smile:

Bump! Moved to our new home! Come check us out


If you enjoy actually using your caps, we are a good place to be!

Recruitment is open. :slight_smile: Looking for a few good dudes to fly with us


We have taken away our ~20 dude limit and will be accepting until we feel full!

Bump! Still looking


Still looking for a few more people! :slight_smile:

Bump! Services are all set up and we are ready for people to join again!