Meta Zero - NS Nomadic PvP Corporation

Christian minecraft server available for members joining after this post.

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Awesome dudes Daily dunks happening!


The most important rule is to blame @Xavin_Nichols for your mistakes :slight_smile:

Basically yeah blame Xavin


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xavin is a nort -vaaris 2020

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Recruitment is still open!


Still looking! :smiley:

Come join us for good frags and great laughs!

We need more Blops Bois too

Recruitment still open

Taking one more guy before recruitment closes!

Free Minecraft christian discord is still open join today for more info

recruitment is still open!

I’m a simp for Jesus

Bump Recruitment’s still open looking for 3-5 dudes

Bump Recruitment’s still open

Come and spaghetti with us!