Metenox Moon Drill

Okay, i get the standard penalty of being less efficient for passive mining, but i feel the deployment of the drill was pointless. you are already getting 60% less profit from using them, then they go and add a secondary fuel source to run them, so now you have for fuel blocks as maintenance, and then after that you need Magmatic Gas which can only be obtained in sov space,

so the 40% profit from owning the moon drops from fuel blocks to about 25% to 30% okay thats not so bad for just passively doing it, but man lets go to the Magmatic Gas . CCP did not seed the market initially with any at all. so now we have time to wait. okay we got some, but now even at the lowest price its 2 billion isk to run the drill for 19 days at the time of writing this.

It went from an idea of less efficient to completely pointless for anyone other then sov owners as 55 units of Magmatic Gas is way to high of a cost. they made it compared to the old concept of anyone could just go and do it, to you HAVE to be in sov or… you HAVE to be in a group to steal from sov. the old mechanic allowed solo pilots to be able to passively farm lesser moons that no one wanted and react them and still contribute to the economy. and with the populations of eve down to what only 5000 active pilots. you are forced to be in select groups forcing a game play style with out choice.

I miss the old ways of having choices for moon mining where i could do it solo on lesser, or go for bigger which had risks. and this would fund other play styles. i feel either adding a skill to reduce Magmatic Gas consumption or… just reducing it to 1 unit of Magmatic Gas per cycle would be more cost effective. that or increase the out put of the drill from 40% to 70 % it is still less efficient, but opens up the possibility of actually using them on certain r8 moons, and a lot of the r16s. right now the only moons profitable with passive mining are r32’s or r64’s. basically the old concept was just better. dont add extra fuel cost if your going to reduce the out put as is, your adding even more reductions.

That was the whole point lol


I could only get a few sentences in…man do people need to learn how to effectively communicate. Please break up that wall of post, and some more periods, paragraphs, etc.

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All I got out of that wall of text was “solo” and “passively farm”. You do realize EVE is an MMO, right?

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thank you.
Another huge flaw into their implementation is material cost for the new sky hooks. Whos going to want to replace a customs office that cost only 100 mil to make and replace with a sky hook that cost 1 billion isk to make.
The implementation of this was severely flawed and with it being optional at this point no one is in a rush to do it,
there are over 60 lava planets in sov space. only 18 of which are being used. so connecting the new passive mining with an optional game feature (magmatic gas) was completely pointless. just because you put it in the game does not mean players will use it unless absolutely mandatory. reduce material cost of orbital sky hooks would be the start to a better change. not a 10x investment change that will take way to long to pay for initial investment. It is PI, its not an 64 moon being pulled out.
… OR make skyhooks an eve wide thing for all of null and low sec and not just a sov mechanic. this will at least promote people to try and produce their own stuff needed for themselves or to compete on the markets. to keep the big dogs some what in check.
…Or at least theyd be able to help allies out as well to keep non sov corps and alliances alive with a passive income source. not this crap of hey if you want to help a friend out you gotta join a sov corp. Yall act like FW is a sustainable habbit. for t1 bull sure. but to be competitive and not just a feeder it is nice to be able to sustain a t2 loss here or there and not crap on your wallet for a month with a single loss.

I do, and you do realize with this MMO when passive moon mining was a thing there were 3x the active pilots and solo moon mining on lower planets like r16s and down was a thing for indy players to create supplimental income by doing reactions and playing a small part in the bigger picture of eve. MMO with eve means that…or use to mean that, big or small , a players choice could matter and make a difference and have an impact on the economy of eve.
by doing the changes they have , they have taking away from their original roots that every players decision matters to only groups decisions matter. not every person in eve is a social person, people come from all walks of life. some play SOLO just for the escape from their daily grind and to decompress. MMO means choices. with this most recent update. there is not a choice. either join a group, either sov, or a sov stealing pirate corp. that is it. that is if you want to produce anything other then T1 stuff.
i know basic economics is difficult to understand, but if you remove the bottom laborer, you make inflation even more possible and lower the competion rate to make t2 cost effective. as well as you become completely reliant on big blue donuts to dictate the cost of everything instead of being able to produce your own stuff . It at least use to be an option, a few of us did it, now it is not an option at all with the direction they are going. to be a solo player , you either grind the moon only for months on end, and then after production get to actually play and experience the game. or constantly plex to play.

Reagents isnt just for the drill. As a non sov player, steal the gas from the skyhooks

i know, what im saying is the drill should be like any other mining equiptment in eve history and not rely on it at all. it already takes a 60% loss in efficiency. why add more cost. leave the reagants in sov for ONLY SOV . not stuff that can be used any where in eve.

plus to steal any from the sky hooks you need a fleet not just a sneaky one person . the old syphon mechanics was a single player task. why change it to force fleets.

A multiplayer game encourages multiplayer play. Oh noes!!!

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Its like, nobody wants to adapt to changes

you do realize you are not using the term multiplayer game in a wide range. multiplayer can also be that solo indy guy keeping to himself building is mass quantity, and bringing it to the market, still has an impact on the MULTIPLAYERS and MULTIPLAYER ECONOMY. there is and definitely was more to the multiplayer aspect of eve, or do i need to show you ccp’s old commercial for even about how a single player can have a domino of affects in game. where they promoted individuality in game to take your own path.

its not a good change, its forcing you to deal with sov, either you choose a side or make a very powerful enemy, its forcing the in game politics that i have stayed out of for 20 years. I dont want to join them, but i also do not want to make them an enemy to become a target. i want to help sustain the eve economy in my own way as i have for all these years. stabilizing prices in areas. to make things more affordable for the average player. but also still have time to play the game in other aspects and not be forced to be doing indy only. the passive income was a great idea. tieing it directly to sov space was dumb, at least in the amount needed.

True, but what is wrong with accomplishing things with others like robbing the skyhooks or just not building the drills and mining yourself?

because my indy toon does not pvp, and i dont tie my pvp toon to my indy, i keep them separate to avoid political issues and hassles. i dont fight in some one elses area, and being affiliated with an attack. im just painting a big target on my back. where they just crap on everything i have ever worked on. no small indy guy or corp would do something so dumb. as it just means being found and wiped out of the game. ive seen so many corps and alliances try this and they are no longer around.

that and i have seen what goons does to small fries like myself . they find them, they burn their crap to the ground, and leave . to them its not a lot, but to that indy player that is years of hard work. forcing political wars or to take a side is not a choice. the only choice the average player has is just grind on indy all day everyday, no passive for them. it would be to wreckless. meaning passive income is only for the big guys

Owning structures of any kind is not meant for solo players to be able to defend and maintain.
Sure a solo Industrialist can take advantage of engineering complexes, however the maintenance and defense of that same structure is up to multiple players. Same should be for any new mining structures (like Metenoxes). People who live in Low sec and WH should have reasons to have conflict with sov owners. If you don’t want to raid those skyhooks, then don’t use a Metenox, instead use an Athanor and mine all 100% of the ore.

Don’t pick the fight then? Let others raid them. You can just stay and mine the stuff yourself. Metenoxes are more meant for groups that don’t want to mine and would rather fight than farm.


thats the entire point. I have to actively mine, yet sov or anti sov will not. meaning that the economy is no longer the entire player economy, it has become sov economy only, where they get to do other things, pvp, explore, build, logistics. but players such as myself do not get the luxury…OR they could just fix the cost effectivness as explained, reduce magmatic gas down to 15 units an hour or less. increase effiiency of drill from 40% to at least 60 % ( 60 seems high but the amount of magmatic gas needed and fuel blocks it would be brought down to 40 percent)… remove magmatic gas from drills all together. as for solo players not running structures, pfff. i have had a solo moon empire for decades. albiet r16s and r8s, but still was something in mass numbers, when you own 50 of them. it adds up to a nice passive income. and as long as you dont make enemies no one messes with them. No economy should rely on a solo sector of individuals. i mean look at the real world how is that working out ? economies are failing because big power houses can not be trusted in the long run.

Metenoxes are not meant for indy groups. CCP was very clear on this when it was introduced, it’s for groups that want to focus more on other activities. Players who do not own sov can very much own and operate these Metenoxes. The fact that a single player used to own a “solo moon empire” is what CCP was getting rid of when they got rid of passive moon mining, and is NOT something that they want to go back to. Metenoxes won’t even be the majority source of moon materials, most of it will still be coming off Athanors and Tataras. Most Sovereign Alliances have a large mining wing.

Correct, which is why Metenoxes will require either owning sov and skyhooks, or raiding of skyhooks. That way the economy will not rely on a solo sector of individuals like yourself from owning a “solo moon empire”.