Meteor Industrial Complex - recruitment phase II

After a huge success of our 1st recruitment phase we have come to a point where we can offer a wide range of game aspects to our members. The base is set. Now it’s time to expand. The Complex has set up a base in high security space to accommodate for our industry. However we are also expanding into lowsec. And we are shifting our focus to capital production and offering our members a high quality of life in New Eden. In this phase we are looking for more experienced and ambitious pilots. Preferably experience in pvp.

Are you interested in becoming a pvp director for our business or just regular gunjack? We offer you a great opportunity to grow and find your own path in New Eden.

  • We offer a layed back place with some new bros and experienced players alike.
  • An active corporation in both EU and US time zones.
  • Loyalty reward program. Become a valued member of our corporation and be rewarded with a gift of capital proportion

We ask experienced in pvp and preferably have some industrial insights.

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Meteor Industrial Complex
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The Hakaari


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