Mexallon - inflated?

I’m a returning, off and on, alpha player. I have a question on the Mexallon prices. It seems to me that the price for this resource is highly inflated. Am I looney in this observation?

I ask because, i found a few ships i created back in the day waiting to be sold. I did some calculations on the resource requirements and the price of the Mexallon resource alone costs more than what the actual ship is selling for on the market place by the competition. Even if the price plummeted 50%, it would still be almost the price of the ship.

I apologize for the format, copy paste from spreadsheet. I’m in a hurry at the moment but wanted post and check back later. Below is my calculations.

Burst Blue Print (ship)
------------------------ Tritanium Pyerite Mexallon Isogen Nocxium Zydrine
# res ---------------- 16890 3167 4222 159 21 6
$ per unit res ---- 4 5 55 26 377 790
sum per res ------ $67,560.00 $15,835.00 $232,210.00 $4,134.00 $7,917.00 $4,740.00
sum of all res ---- $333,884.00

No, mex is just rather hard to come by and also for some reason required in pretty excessive amounts. I think spod provides the most mex, and that’s the reason why miners rush for it first
Edit: It looks like some moon ores and abyssal ores provide a decent amount of mex too

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I guess I’ll have to count these ships as a net loss then.


The reason that Mexallon is in high demand is because it’s highly used, and requires a ton, to build Capital Ships

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It is Gneiss, not spodumain. Second most effective is Bezdnacine and than Plagioclase… And I remember times, when Mexallone was 64-74 Isk per 1. Current 50-55 is really cheap.

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Mex is intentionally scarce in nullsec rocks and oversupplied in highsec ones.

With null (largely) at peace over the last year, truly staggering stacks of all of the other rocks have been mined out there.

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