:middleparrot: 00sec PVE/Mining corp in Branch is looking for member! (10system/3dead end/3 ice belts):middleparrot:


(Kawa Ishikela) #1

We are a happy rental corp in Branch, and looking ratter/miner or pvper if you like pvp (but no fc, no srp…).
The pirate is Guristas, the most easy rat’s npc!
You can do a 6/10 or 10-10 in 20min and get 1.5b reward if luckly!
What ship you should need?
You can easy rat it just need 1.5m skillp with a VNI. Or use Rattlesnake/Ishtar /T3/Carrier.

What we Offer:
10 systems and still increasing (3 of them is under -0.6 sec dead end system, and we have 3 ice belts);
No PAP, just ratting and mining for your wallet;
Free salvage ship for newbie, you can easily get a plex in short days;
Some free pvp ships if you like pvp;
Quick and convenient alliance JF services;
Lots of Sites and Ore Belts/Ice Belts and no mining tax!
Corp can buy your loot and ore if you want. Or you can sell in Jita;
Low price VNI with fitting.

What we need:
Apply with your full-api /ESI

Here is the site in one system:

If you want to know more, you can join our in-game channel
UITD Public
Or mail
Max Krypton (Au) (fastest remail),
Kine Alan (CN)
Nijaja Koson (EU)
Mark Sunamises (EU)
Tieria Erde Maken (US)
to know more.

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(Maxi Powerthrust) #7

Long time pilot returning to eve with a new bro friend once I get him decent skills we are looking to move to null for ratting and mining/salvage on his part where do we send our apis

(Arslin) #8

I am a current player that came back to the game 6 months ago. I have 41ish million SP (in my main), and I am looking for a no drama corp. I am not the best PVPer, and really think the best thing for me to do is embrace this and move to a renter corp. I have the SP to fly PVP, but my life dictates that I have irregular game times and can not make CTAs. I have a carrier and a rorqual. The later has never been fit with modules or left docking range. I have 3 accounts total.

I am currently in GOTG. So moving should be easy. I will join the chat tonight… if I get on.

(Kawa Ishikela) #9

sure, why not, we are a relax corp, you can free to rat/ming/or go to pvp in vental.
if you want to join, just apply with your full api or sent mail to Kine Alan

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