Welcome to UITD-- I hope to offer you a new home

Hello!Big smile

We are a happy rental corp in Branch , and looking ratter/miner.
What we have?
What’s the pirate?
The pirate is Guristas, the most easy rat’s npc!
You can do a 6/10 or 10-10 in 20min and get 1.5b reward if luckly!
What ship you should need?
You can easy rat it just need 1.5m skillp with a VNI. Or use Dominix /Rattlesnake/Ishtar /T3/Carrier.

What we Offer:

No PAP, just ratting and mining for your wallet.
Free salvage ship for newbie, you can easily get a plex in 3days.
Alliance JF Service
Lots of Sites and Ore Belts/Ice Belts
Corp can buy your loot and Ore if you want. Or you can sell in Jita.
we have -0.8/-0.7/-0.6/-0.5/-0.5/-0.5/-0.4/-0.24/-0.2/-0.2 sec system
Low price VNI with fitting
What we need:
Apply with your fullapi

Here is our rented systems
! [Inkedaed24def3971aad649c6c7c08d84a3e15c2389b4_LI.jpg]

If you have any questions, you can Join UITD Public or send e-mail to Tieria Erde Maken :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:



aaa dd :wink:

dd :slight_smile:

dd =.=

qazwsx dd:smiling_imp:

dd, we have moonore now !!!

You guys still recruiting?


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