Might the Avetat be found in Triglavian space?

So, a peculiar thought occurred to me earlier.

The Avetat, and Ametat, were artifacts of immense sophistication, and disappeared seemingly without trace. And of course everyone knows that they were given to Amash-Akura by the Sefrim, who wore masks.
And also of course, the artifacts vanished without trace.

“But Doctor V”, you say, “why did you mention Triglavian space ? Are you implying the Triglavians were Sefrim ?”

Well, as amusing as that would be, no. While the Triglavians are also highly advanced, religious, and wear masks, that could just be pure coincidence, rather than clear evidence of them being Sefrim.

However, the fact that the artifacts disappeared without trace, and have never been found, is interesting. Perhaps the Sefrim also knew how to traverse Abyssal space, and perhaps the artifacts were moved there. Which would certainly explain why no trace of them has ever been found.

So, I think it would be useful if any Faithful pilots that enter the Abyss can keep an eye out for anything that looks like it was built by Sefrim.

Perhaps the Ametat and Avetat might yet be located.

There is no place in the universe you can search that will lead to their discovery until we’ve proven ourselves worthy enough to find them.

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Perhaps by proving one’s “Flow” ?


What if the Triglavians were instructed by the Sefrim to guard the entry to where the Ametat and Avetat are kept ?

And only those who prove their “Flow” to the Triglavians, may enter.

What are you even talking about? They are not the Amarr. They’re an apostate people. What we should be doing is stop blowing them up, and instead bring the faith to them, as we are instructed to do with all others. They are not some guardians of relics, they’re another lost people.


Why are you always so difficult, Samira ?

The Triglavians are the masked angels, darling. They will punish us for losing their gifts.

First and foremost, the estimated dating for the tale of Ametat and Avetat as laid out in the first chapter of the Book of Epitoth in the Scriptures places it six thousand eight hundred and eighty seven years ago, back when the First Jove Empire still existed.

On the other hand, the Triglavians are associated with the Second Jove Empire instead (whether they were a Jovian offshoot or a separate race altogether that interacted with the Second Jove Empire). It is therefore doubtful that the Triglavians can even be remotely associated with the Sefrim and the holy artifacts of Ametat and Avetat given the vast time differences.

Note that Miko Bour reunited the Jovian people under the Second Jove Empire only around three thousand years ago, which is two thousand years after the estimated fall of the First Jove Empire (which itself occurred around one thousand years after the crowning of Amash-Akura, the First Emperor).

They’re not lost, they live in the abyss. We know exactly where they are.

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It’s a little unclear where “where they are” is, though.

(Also, that’s not the kind of “lost” she means. I’m “lost,” too. But you knew that, right?)

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