Announcement: Ametat and Avetat Expedition to Gamdis III Underway

Even as the End Times advance, even as Drifter demons and Triglavian demons roam the land; yea, even as liberalism and abolitionism spread everywhere, there yet remains hope. The Ametat. The Avetat. The very artifacts with which Amash-Akura overthrew Molok the Deceiver — the liberal abolitionist of his day — and restored order throughout the Empire. Now, the hunt for these lost artifacts begins anew.

I was first aroused to suspicion by the dissembling of Lunarisse Aspenstar, who claimed an injury to her face to have been inflicted during an archaeological dig in which she attempted a cave-in rescue. Suspicious, I began searching the news for archaeology-related pieces, and sure enough, learned that Ms. Aspenstar was the daughter of an Ametat and Avetat obsessed archaeologist. It seemed evident to me that her own research is a continuation of her father’s quest. This was not the only appearance of the Ametat and Avetat in the news; a certain Lord Jude Benayahu Aslan of House Ardishapur was prowling the Kakol constellation in search of the artifacts, while on the dangerous world of Gamdis III within that constellation, a planet seeped in Avetat and Ametat lore, someone whose description matches that of Lunarisse Aspenstar was involved in an altercation.

The threat became clear: working separately or together, Lord Jude Benayahu Aslan and Lunarisse Aspenstar are closing in upon the Ametat and Avetat! Their success would be a catastrophe for the Empire, as the Ametat and Avetat in the hands of Ms. Aspenstar and SFRIM would mean the final victory of liberalism and abolitionism, while in those of House Ardishapur it would bring the end of TCMCs and the spread of Kernherite heresies everywhere. I would have to mount an expedition of my own to find the Ametat and Avetat and keep it for the forces of order, tradition, and slavery.

Employing my one advantage over these twin Archaeologists of Evil, I packed 50,000 of my “Freed” Slaves, who by regulation require only one cubic meter of space each, into a single transport and rushed them to Gamdis III, handed out shovels, and made them dig. (The wild, barren nature of the place aided my efforts, which would have been harder for a wanted criminal like me on most worlds.) Looming over the planet, I have built an Ametat Archaeology HQ in order to coordinate digging efforts and repair and replace slaves who stop digging for some reason or another. No expense of slaves lost to sand creatures, bandits, heat stroke, or anything else is too high for a chance at recovering the Ametat and Avetat. I call upon all loyal Amarrians to aid me in this crusade.

Even so, may the Judgement come quickly. Amen. Amarr Victor.

Well, it’s that time again, I suppose.

Get your citadel shooting ships out.


Who didn’t think we were going to get Jubilee fireworks?

Ametat and Avetat are not some treasure that can just be found in a chest in some trap-filled dungeon by some adventuring archaeologist, like some bad Gallente holoreel. God took them from the Amarr Empire because Amash-Akura had lost his way, and thus God commanded that Amash-Akura must restore the Empire by his own merits.

The Ametat and Avetat will not be returned to us until Amarr has been cleansed of its sins. We must work to Reclaim Amarr until such a time that God has found us deserving of them again.

And no Sanist mass murderer and servant of the Deceiver like you will ever be worthy of even looking on the reflection of those holy relics.


There seem to be many misconceptions about archaeology and Amarr history. As such, I would like to correct a few.

First, the search for Ametat and Avetat is a famously destructive lark for people with more wealth than sense and falls squarely in the territory of treasure hunting rather than proper archaeology. Everyone who has ever claimed to have found the artifacts has been proven a fraud or a dupe.

Second, any project whose stated goal is to find famous artifacts rather than understand past cultures is, almost by definition, an amateur project guaranteed to at best come to nothing and at worst irrevocably destroy historical sites. The use of mass slave labor is also strongly opposed by contemporary archaeological practice as it dramatically increases chances of improper excavations.

Third, it is exceedingly unlikely that these objects still exist and if they do exist that they will be found outside of Amarr Prime. The objects were lost according to our records around 400 years after the reign of Amash-Akura, which is well before the space flight era, and indeed before even the Reclaiming of Amarr Prime truly began.

If anyone is interested in actually supporting archaeological research rather than re-enacting Archaeology’s most famous wild goose chase ad nauseum, I would suggest donating to the Archaeology department of Hedion University or to the Amarr Pre-Space Archaeology Society rather than wasting resources on larks and permanently damaging historical sites.


As a an Active Professor lecturing at Hedion University, I wholly endorse this suggestion.


As one of, if not the, greatest Takmahl archaeologists in New Eden, this kind of thing would ordinarily fall into the category of Things I Would Have An Opinion On.

However, given the success, or otherwise, of past attempts to persuade Nauplius to follow less… controversial… methods, I feel like offering my opinion would likely be less than constructive.

So instead I will say this:
Today I chose to read the IGS before breakfast. This was a poor decision.


The cultural heritage of a few heathens on a backwater planet is a small price to pay for the power of the Ametat and Avetat.

The digging will continue.

While I have heard far too much about your excesses to expect any form of reason… would you like any of the copious number of monographs (seriously, why are people still writing about this subject in YC121?) detailing the pathetic failures of your many forebears in this search? Does the name Harr Indi ring any bells?

If Ametat and Avetat still exist, which is in and of itself quite unlikely, they are almost certainly either buried somewhere under Dam’Torsad or are hidden away, and probably mislabeled, in some Holder’s treasury. You certainly aren’t going to find them on Gamdis III.


Monographs, no. More shovels, more slaves, yes.

Wait. I see what this is about.

It’s looking for a reason to yell at slaves for not digging fast enough.


Freed slaves, he’s admitting to illegal slaving. Though he also admits that he’s a wanted criminal, so I guess that point is moot, especially in light of his many crimes and heresies.


It’d be nice if you folks would render judgment on him already.

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CONCORD protects him.

People like him getting away with atrocities is CONCORD’s biggest failing.


An Interesting choice of words there. It suggests people that you approve of getting away with similar attrocities is a-ok to you.

No it doesn’t, des Larmes.

I’m really not in the mood for your nonsense today, so if you could please direct it elsewhere that would be most appreciated.

In all honesty, it is your nonsense that I am tired of.

I may be the child of miners who worked long, hard hours to earn just enough to live and therefore, in your eyes, much further down the social strata than yourself but I would appreciate if you spoke to me as an equal and not like you would a servant.

Words, tone and inclination are important. I let you know what your words implied should you wish to clarify them if that is not what you meant. You chose to belittle me instead of doing so.

All you had to do was treat me like a human being and say “I didn’t mean it to come across like that” or even “I think it was clear what I meant to say, don’t you?”’ But no, you decide to treat me like a gnat or something scraped off your shoe.

I understand I may be an annoyance to you but I will give you one word of advice for your own benefit: watch how you talk to people. You never know when that extra bite you put into your words may bite you back.

Less than 1m3 each actually, hence the use of the plural “Slaves”. From my own experience, I would estimate that the average standard unit of freed slaves contains about 4 to 5 individuals along with their luggage (if they even have any).

An anonymous benefactor has provided the Ametat and Avetat Expedition with the following:
100 Smartfab Units
50 Planetary Vehicles
50 Hydrogen Batteries
37 Data Sheets
15 Robotics
9 Takmahl Binary Texts
1 Nuclear Reactors
1 Holoreels

All of these things will be used to reduce the need for manual digging and increase the volume of sand being excavated in search of the Ametat and Avetat (with the exception of the Holoreel which must be evaluated for content first).

I don’t speak to you as I would a servant. I respect servants.

No, des Larmes. I gave a clear statement. You chose to stick your head into a thread and attack me, saying that I was implying that I was alright with people whom I like committing atrocities in the vein of Nauplius. I posted a clear condemnation of his atrocities and you weaseled your way into attacking me over it. Your actions were calculated.

And here you try and play the victim when you’re the one on the attack. You may have stopped singing his praises, but it seems you still use the playbook of certain factions that you’ve discarded your loyalty to. I didn’t engage you, des Larmes, you decided to engage me. You are not the victim, so stop pretending to be.

Certain events this year have led to me knowing this all too well. Doesn’t change what I think about you, though.