Worldbuilding Compendium Project

Over 5,000 connected star systems.

Over 66,000 planets.

And technology to explore and colonize all but the harshest of environments.

New Eden is a vast and amazing place. Full of strange, alien life. Full of exotic landscapes. Full of potential for new settings and new stories.

This ongoing compendium project will seek to serve as a catalog for player made lore on locations, cities, nations, planets, and space installations. Please feel free to reach out to me via PM here, a reply to this thread, or a PM on the Roleplay Is Primary Discord with suggestions and contributions! I hope this project will bring to life all the amazing worldbuilding Eve’s players have to offer.

This thread is similar in practice to Silver’s ‘Big Cluster’ RP Enrichment thread. This particular project will focus on locations, settings, and factions/nations.

[lore primer: X] will refer to posts written in a “guidebook” format, either in-character (IC) or out-of-character (OOC)
[fiction: X] will refer to posts that are written as a story, but include tidbits of info on whatever location they take place in


If you wish to contribute please feel free to link in a post below what you want added!

Amarr Empire
• [fiction: planet details] Anath V - Lunarisse Aspenstar

• [lore primer: planet] Janus V - Lyn Farel

• [lore primer: planet>>continent] Thebeka III, Numayriyah - Samira Kernher
• [lore primer: planet] Dakba V - Cakzad Arcashiri

• [fiction: planet] “Aphend V” - Bel Boma
• [fiction: planet] “Gamdis III” - Shy Sailor

• [fiction: lost expedition] Anath V, “Disaster! Aslan Expedition Lost. Only two survivors.” - Jorianna Gallaire
• [fiction: more details on expedition] Gamdis III, “Gamdis III and previous expeditions” - Theodosius Savnar

• [lore primer: planet] Kihtaled II - Mathra Hiede
• [lore primer: faction] Mashtori Bounty Hunters - Mathra Hiede

• [fiction: station] Nahol VII - M8 - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio, “Nahol Nugoeihuvi!” - Hadal Arbeh

Caldari State
The Forge
• [lore primer: planet] Abagawa IV - Korsavius, Pieter Tuulinen
• [lore primer, fiction + nonfiction: planet] Abagawa IV, Tales From Abagawa - Korsavius, Zenariae
• [lore primer: solar system] Wirashoda - April Knox

• [fiction: city] Abagawa IV, New Icousa, “Whispers from the Grave” - Korsavius
• [fiction: city] Abagawa IV, New Icousa, “Abagawa Days” - Korsavius

Gallente Federation
• [lore primer: planet] Vale IV - Seriphyn Inhonores
• [lore primer: faction] Cooperative Republic of Elusenia - Seriphyn Inhonores
• [lore primer: faction] Order of the Ebon Rose - Steffanie Saissore

• [fiction: terrestrial infrastructure] Caldari Prime, Visera Yanala Arcology, “Project Fresh Start” - Pieter Tuulinen
• [fiction: planet + faction] Vale IV, Cooperative Republic of Elusenia, “Fate of Elusenia, Vale IV” - Seriphyn Inhonores
• [fiction: planet + faction] Vale IV, Obsequious Underclade of Elusenia, “The founding of the Obsequious Underclade of Elusenia, Vale IV” - Seriphyn Inhonores
• [fiction: planet] Caldari Prime, Arcurio + Arcurio outskirts, “Skyfall” - Korsavius

• [lore primer: solar system] Mormoen - Alain Colcer

• [lore primer: planet] Frarie VII - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Harroule IV - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Agoze V - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Annancale VII - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Ostingele VII - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Brarel II - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Frarie VI - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Vey II - Saxon Hawke
• [lore primer: planet] Algasienan IV - Auriga Menkalinan
• [lore primer: system] Eugales - Alain Colcer

Sinq Laison
• [lore primer: planet] Aetree IV - Tressith Sefira
• [lore primer: planet] Goinard V - Clementine Lafleur

• [lore primer: planet] Octanneve V - Skyweir Kinnison

• [fiction: planet] Eggheron VII, “As The Butterfly Soars” - Korsavius
• [fiction: planet] Eggheron VII, “Mariposa” - Korsavius

Verge Vendor
• [lore primer: solar system] Ellmay - Alain Colcer
• [lore primer: planet + faction] Amygnon III, United Republics of Aristidia, “United Republics of Aristidia” - Durant Aristide

Minmatar Republic
• [lore primer: planet>>continent] Matar, Coricia - Nissui
• [lore primer: planet>>city] Matar, Sundsele - Elsebeth Rhiannon
• [lore primer: planet>>city] Matar, Dokvat - Trii Seo
• [lore primer>>world map] “Depiction of Matar” - Ferra Orta

• [fiction: planet>>city] Matar, Viktoft, “Mikramurka Nights” - Korsavius

Molden Heath
• [lore primer: solar system] Skarkon - Saede Riordan

Null Sec
• [lore primer: region + defunct independent faction] Feythabolis Regional History Overview - Lauralite Anne Brezia

• [lore primer: planet] I-MGAB II | 2 - Jandice Ymladris

• [lore primer: planet] 9U6-SV IV - Ghost Hunter

• [lore primer: colony] Utpattia Protectorate - Korsavius
• [lore primer: space installations] Operation Grey Steel© Facility Guide - Korsavius

• [lore primer: solar system] Origin - Alexylva Paradox Corporation
• [lore primer: solar system] Tirtha - Havohej
• [lore primer: solar system + faction] Neopia; United Neopian Federation - Sterling Blade


Gonna go ahead and put in my ongoing terraforming and colony project for Eugales VI. May have other bits and bobs to submit later


You missed a few of Saxon’s Placid colonies :wink::

  • [lore primer: planet] Brarel II - Saxon Hawke
  • [lore primer: planet] Frarie VI - Saxon Hawke
  • [lore primer: planet] Vey II - Saxon Hawke
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Oof, how could I! Thank you for pointing that out Bataav :slight_smile: Updated

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Here’s info concerning Gamdis III (most of it is not available on the IGS or any public fora). It was also mentioned in passing in the following gossip articles about an archeological dig and the resulting disaster when the expedition was lost and MIO investigations in the aftermath. There were subsequent events involving LUMEN and Nauplius on the world. Presently the Friar and researcher Theodosius Savnar is investigating the foregoing events.

Here’s information concerning Anath V. Lunarisse also based one of her gardens, the Colonist’s Garden, at the New Eden Fair on her parents’ home at the colony before it was destroyed by Blood Raiders.

Hello, this is still a WIP but happy to share it now. I’ve mimicked @Saxon_Hawke format somewhat as I saw they have done quite a few Federation colonies :blush:

[Lore primer: planet] Goinard V

Put it on or it is not real.
Just a suggestion.

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Lol. World Anvil might not be a bad idea for EVE lore in general.

I’m not sure if this counts as “player made lore/canon” per say, but after recently finishing my project on mapping Matar, I believe some folks might be interested in checking it out!

Map of Matar - by Ferra Orta


This is a good suggestion, thank you!

I was so disappointed when I realised that CCP buying up White Wolf was not going to result in a table-top RPG.
The struggle to attain Capsualeer status is an obvious setting for a roleplay intrigue.


Hi all, I have updated the list with links up to here. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to have this added to the list for nullsec, when possible. Had a lot of fun working on this
[lore primer: region+defunct independent faction] Feythabolis Regional History Overview

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Added to the list!



A while back, the beloved Eve Wiki copy hosted by the player-run site Backstage died. Many links included in the OP were thought lost forever until the fantastic and wonderful work of Mitara Newelle and friends. My sincerest thanks to them for restoring the Eve Wiki in a new form. I have gone through and updated all the old broken links so that they now work! :slight_smile:

ALSO, I will no longer be updating the OP Worldbuilding Compendium post on the Backstage forums. This thread here on the official Eve forums will continue to be periodically updated, however.

Happy worldbuilding, friends ~ Kor


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The thread is back and open for submissions! I will try to be more prudent in preventing the thread from being locked in the future so others can continuously suggest additions to the compendium. Keep worldbuilding friends.

:heart: - Kor


Here’s some station worldbuilding! I’m not sure if you’d want the actual post in here or not, so I figured it’d be better to save space and post a link to it instead: Nahol Nugoeihuvi!

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Here is some planet/Federation member state worldbuilding for your consideration: United Republics of Aristidia