AM Citadel dies during construction

Yes, I guess I’ll try to get ahead of this a bit.


Tonight, in orbit of the embattled Thebeka III, our foothold in the system, an onlining Astrahaus, tenatively called Aegis 1, was killed before onlining by a myriad of war targets and foes, including EM, Cail Avetatu, and Kyn’aldrnari

Even though it’s only a billion ISK, it does set our timetables back for supporting operations in this system, and that is annoying. This station was in no way a declared Haven, or humanitarian outpost, we do not begrudge our enemies in that way for taking the opportunity to impugne our highly agressive strategy in Thebeka.

I suppose we’ll just have to try to take it out of our enemies’ hides in the coming months.

What scant personnel were on board are all currently accounted for, so we don’t have that sort of tragedy on our hands at least. There was no visible attempt made to restrict or engage escaping staff on the part of our foes. We’re moving a few teams to the site now to break up some debris into more easily combustible chunks should they get pulled out of orbit; the planet below has enough problems without our equipment raining down on their heads.

Enjoy your holiday celebrations, everyone. We’ll be here when you get back.




Counting is hard.


Psst, it’s Thebeka III.

Also, your graphic erronously suggests the three entities on the right are in this together. This is, to say the least, highly inaccurate.

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Well ■■■■, we all got the planet wrong. Everyone pack it up, we got to move this operation.

Brilliant misdirection by… I assume the Guiding Hand Social Club or something.


I’ll correct the typo.

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Leave the typo. AM’s resurgence seems to be founded upon mistakes.


My private theory is they confuse speed with haste, a lot.


Was it Kithrus?

Did he anchor the citadel?

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Thank you Mizhara!

But our toaster is in another citadel!


I won’t throw the Khanid under the freighter on this one.


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