Mili index and dbs going down

It’s not that I avoid any fights that come into my system. It’s just that my systems doesn’t really get robbed much. How am I supposed to keep my mili index up without nuking my dbs all the way down to 30%?

Maybe DBS could be linked to how many fights you pass up as opposed to how many you kill as a raw number.

Kill NPCs. Player kills don’t contribute to the Military Index.

Ask hostiles to come join you in the system for some PvP to keep things healthy?

How would you measure this?

You’re emphasizing what I’m saying. I know I have to kill NPCs to keep my mili index up. Also there aren’t any fights I’m passing up they just aren’t coming to my system. How am I supposed to keep my DBS from hitting 30% in that scenario?

You don’t, not on your own. That’s the point. You grazed the fields and now the fields are empty and it’s going to take time for them to grow again.

If you chose a semi-safe hiding spot for your pve grind that gets few roamers then that’s what you get. If you want the DBS to stay healthy then do your PVE in a location that is LESS safe, gets regular visitors and then actually engage them.

Choices - > consequences

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Don’t rat more than 500m isk in a single 25 hour period.

I’m just curious, how long does that take on avg?

So you’re saying your system is low risk.

Low risk = low pay.

Well, an average skilled Dominix makes like 15m isk/tick baseline (more with better skills).

15m x 3 ticks per hour = 45m isk per hour x 10 hours = 450m isk for a krabbing character in a 10 hour period.

So you could have 1 character krabbing a system for over 10 hours to get close to that, or 2 characters krabbing for 5 hours, 5 characters krabbing for 2 hours, etc. etc.

I don’t know if there’s any greater effect if you krab beyond ~500m isk per 25 hours. Someone on r/eve did the calculations and found that was the first threshold where your DBS percentages will drop. I’m sure someone else is doing more testing to see if, for example, krabbing 1B isk in 25 hours makes your DBS drop more or something. But I haven’t seen anyone posting the numbers yet, so I’m not sure how that works.

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Maybe if there was a lore reason for the ESS and DBS existing I would understand it better but there’s not. One day a massive nerf was just dropped on all of sov null.

500 mil isn’t enough to keep the mili index up is my point

Or maybe if you read the dev blogs…

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Military Index only tracks total number of rats killed, not bounties.
Frigates give significantly less bounties and 1 Frigate kill is the same as a 1 Battleship kill as far as the Military Index is concerned.

So start farming those low tier sites that are predominantly Frigs and Destroyers, instead of high tier sites that are predominantly Cruisers and up.

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