Milites Convallis are Recruiting - All TZs - New/Old PVP & Industrial Pilots welcome

Milites Convallis is a Corp with tradition for loyalty, integrity & for getting the job done We are veteran EVE players with over 10+ years experience and harnessing that knowledge our objective is to be help you become a better EVE player whether you choose to focus on PvP or Industry we will work with you to achieve your personal goals.

Our focus is on having fun, we will encourage you to step up and get involved within the Corp, if we all die horribly, had fun doing it and can laugh at it later and enjoy a bit of banter its a good day out!

What to expect from -MCV-:

Community: We have our own TeamSpeak & Discord sever to cover in-game and out-of-game chat.

Respect: You will be shown respect & tolerance and we expect the same from you.

Honor: We are an honourable corp. The following will not be tolerated, scamming, theft, price gouging, cheating of any form or utilizing 3rd party tools to gain a favourable advantage. If you are unsure if something is ‘legal’ then maybe we are not the corp for you.

Real-Life: We are all adults within the corp, family & external commitments always comes first. Real-Life first is a core value of -MCV-and is always respected.

Teamwork: We work together as a team, if you fail, we all fail, teamwork makes the dream work so you can expect help and advice from our veteran team in turning you into all you can be as a player.

We are interested in helping new (Alpha Clone Friendly) & experienced players alike. We are recruiting across EUTZ & USTZ. We are more interested in enthusiasm rather than the ships you can fly, if you bring the ‘juice’ we will invest the time in you.

Join our Channel MCV Public to speak with the recruitment team, we look forward to welcoming you :smiley:
Express your interest here ->

Recruitment is still open - PvP & Indy pilots welcome

Join our Public Channel - MCV Public to learn more - we are happy to help you! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is open!

We are still looking - Come join our fleets, to learn more see you in MCV Public

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