Milltary upgrades changes & extra's

(Agent Whiteout) #1

We all know it’s been awhile since ccp add more sites or changes in this area. I want to give some ideas I would like to see done in near future to this system. Time we change how we can interact with the solar systems.

Entrapment - No ideas to offer to change it.
Pirate Detection Array - re-class the spawn rooms below base on game play.
Rooms are for casual and beginner game play.
Warp in with friends and just blow the ships up.
Rooms are for serious competition.
Fleets rely on buffers and resists supported by logistics ships in order to survive.
Once the site is clear of bad guys you get pay the same mount of everyone on the field.
These rooms are restricted to tournament play.
Warp in and fight like you would NPC team vs team player.

Quantum Flux Generator - One way in and out no connecting worm holes.
Would like this to spawn clean worm hole which you can not live in and has no connecting wormholes. But you would run the risk of players logging off in them and waiting to jump on you during a site. Their still will be risk and reward with these sites.

(unidenify) #2
  1. no one will ever bother with casual room because they prefer competition room or solo room

  2. You describe Incursion with no limit on number of pilots

  3. For what purpose, and how different it is from Second Room

  4. Shattered wormhole with no static then?

(Daichi Yamato) #3

Are you saying you want structures that change sites in a system? It’s not really clear.

Whats a ‘room’? Do you mean a site (anom or sig)? Or a deadspace pocket (closed off by accel gate)?

What do you mean by tournament play? Pvp? Or is it another arena idea?

How is the server going to handle players that wont leave new worm holes? Does it keep creating new worm hole systems? What if i keep putting alpha pilots in these worm holes? Does the server then have to create unlimited new systems?

(Matthias Ancaladron) #4

It seems he’s referring to infrastructure hub military upgrades