Miners Urgently Needed

We are Primaraly an Industry Based Corp in Cobalt Edge and Operate out of 7 systems

We have Moons Available to Mine, Ranging from R4 to R64, We have 25 moons up and running now and have another 11 planned for Deployment

Our Corp WILL BUY ALL MOON ORE MINED @ Jita Buy Price, so you dont have to worry about the Logistics of moving Uncompressable Moon Ore to Sell

We have Multiple Customs Offices Set up with 0% TAX and again, the Corp will buy ALL P.I. you make @ Jita Buy Price.

We have our OWN Jump Bribge net Worl Set up to Making Moving around our systems easier WITH ACCESS to multiple other Jump Bridge Networks.

Our Home is in a Dead End Pocket so there is very little Traffic to worry about

We have ALOT of Multi-box Miners in the Corp as well as solo miners so FLEET BOOSTS are almost always available

We have a Jump Freighter Contractor that will deliver To and From Jita to our Home System


Contact Radu Capusan for a Chat

Also Available on Discord @ Radu Capusan#3251

exhumer pilot looking for a new home, use to live in cobalt edge

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