Mining Accelerators

With PvP increasing ten fold or general ship loss, miners need to be able to keep up with the demand for minerals.

I therefore suggest accelerators that boost the mining drones yield while reducing the cycle time along with an increased optimal range.

The standard rate of applied bonuses for the Mining Accelerator would apply.

Yay, faster mining for rorqual pilots.(irony)

Remove excavators.


Rorquals already overmine everything in the game. If anything, they need to be reduced to large command ships.

Funny sidenote, mining links reduce the cycle time of mining lazors and strip miners.

But a drone implant set that does not affect excavators or fighters would be nice. Or is there already one?


Making anything up as long as it sounds good.

Sure… with the drawback of -50% to all resists for the pilot’s ship. :wink:

There are PvP versions that you don’t see miners complaining about but when a Mining Accelerator for Drones is discussed it is the worst thing ever.

Obviously the PvPers are the biggest whiners in this game because they want everything to be about them with every thing else secondary.

If you want true PvP go play a First Person Shooter where it is all about shooting stuff down.

Eve Online is not all about shooting stuff down, no matter the semantics you use.

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