Mining fighters

Title says it all. I don’t have mechanics but I thought it’d be something to ponder on.

Useable by carriers and Rorqs and mines less than a rorq.

They shouldnt be called fighters.

But mining drones already exist and fighters are so much more interesting to control.

They are called, Excavator Drones. They are do not have Fighters controls, but they are Fighter Size Drones. FYI, at Vegas at one of the QAs was commented by players to change the Excavators to Full Fighters, including every control. CCP comments were, we will take a look but be careful what you desire Mining Fighters won’t have auto-mining.


another example of “cuz it would be cool”

And while we are at it, let’s change the Orca into a carrier for said mining fighters. Also, I want to be able to change the color of the mining beams on my Skiff to whatever I want. Thanks…


I can just imagine the screams of outrage at another rorq nerf, if mining fighters were introduced.

as you have to control them, rather than use mine repeatedly

It would be sweet if mining required someone to be at the keyboard.

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Thats what this game actually needs. Not a yield nerf but a mechanic nerf. Yield nerfs are obsolete.Buff the yield if need be but this game needs a non-afkable mechanics for 150-200m/hr activities. Those who multibox 60+ Rorquals are the problem.


Not empty quoting. This ^

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I would like to see each of the main factions produce defensible mining platforms at the expense of reduced yield. Their could be a high-sec base and a tier 2 aimed at low-sec with a significant tank and warp core strength bonus. These could be based off of the current industrial ships–such as the Nereus.

While I was originally going to reply with a great deal of snark and sarcasm (I had debated on adding a request for smartbomb fracking), I thought about it a bit more.

I like it.

Not having “mining fighters”… rather, making excavator drones use fighter controls. Action 1 would fire the mining laser, action 2 would fire the AB, with the drone having a bay of ### m3. Rorq yield with a player actively controlling their “drones” would be exactly the same as it is now. You could make the rorq pilots even happier by adding a warp drive to the exacavators, so they could recall them from anywhere exactly like a carrier can recall fighters.

Rorq yield with a player not actively controlling their “drones” would be exactly zero. This would solve a lot of the problems with mining, and even make it something active.

■■■■… I’d be fine with seeing a yield increase under the circumstances.

There’d be a measurable impact to mineral prices if this happened, for obvious reasons.

Yes, give them a fighter hanger as well, and 5 fighter tubes. Up to 1 flight of LIGHT fighters, up to 5 flights of excavators. Remove drones from their world entirely, they’re a capital ship so it does kind of make sense. One fighter will most certainly not be OP, given how retardedly easy it is to defang that (about as easy as smartbombing their drones).

Though the term “mining fighters” sounds silly I do agree that rorqs have it too easy. Forcing them to actively mine would be a good change imo. I’m curious how it would be displayed that the drone is full of ore and must be recalled… Or maybe it just appears in your bay every cycle without them returning to you.

Just adding on my support of the idea. I started multiboxing hulks because running a rorqual was boring just sitting and watching the drones do their thing.

Teleporting the ore would be too easy in my opinion. I think they could auto-jettison when they are full, and then the rorq pilot (or someone else) should have to collect it.

I’d rather just see a fillable circle around the excavator, exactly like a module cycling. As the excavator fills up, so too does the circle. When the circle is full, the rorq pilot recalls the excavator (turning on the AB if they wish), it then returns to the rorq.

Unlike fighters, no refueling window. Mining has enough waiting in it already, and there’s no balance reason for it.

Total modus operandi:

  1. Rorq pilot launches Excavator(s)
  2. Pilot targets asteroid(s) and sends Excavator(s) with orbit command
  3. When in range, pilot activates mining lasers (action 1)
  4. When full, pilot recalls excavator, waits for it to land, return to step 1

To expand on this, I’d want the Excavator’s ore bay to probably take about 20 seconds to fill up. It takes about 2 seconds to control a carrier’s fighter, so 5 excavators would take about 10 seconds on average (less if you send them all to one rock).

This would offer players who want to multibox rorqs a little bit of multiboxing. They’d be able to tab between 2-5 different accounts, while still be actively playing. While I do believe that multiboxing rorqs is a problem, on the mentioned scale it would not be - it’s when people have 15-60 rorqs out that it’s a problem.

Wow… This is way better than what I had in mind.

Turn excavators into fighters with: (maybe that wouldn’t work lore wise or something)
f1 - mine
f2 - Prop (AB excavators sounds practical to me, slowness and all)
f3 - May not need a third action but if it did… price might go up astronomically if it was a defensive measure… maybe mercoxit laser? (maybe that could be saved for a T2 version or something?)

Anyway what you guys thought up is awesome.

Negatives anyone? (keeping it constructive btw)

I don’t think these “fighters” should have any combat abilities. I think F3 could be salvage, to keep their industrial nature.
Also, what do you think about the whole squadron mechanic in this case? Should we put, let’s say 3-5 of them into a squadron, or should they work as solo craft, something like a “remote controlled Venture”?

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No, they are not. Your remote control server versus human device is neither interesting nor a challenge.

Dior - If the rorq could use 5 wings at once I would go a single excavator fighter per squadron. If the rorq was only let to use 3 or something I’d increase it to 2-3 per squadron because of prices.

elitatwo - Constructive brah.