Mining Asteroid, Moon Mining and more

Mining Post 81
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I got the S1 V sheet which I was doing the walk-through of.
I will be able to scan it shortly to get the missing data on the left.
However, there really isn’t much data missing there.

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In fact, I worked at a company doing mining related work, and I didn’t continue working there as long as I continue my work on this instead since I do get to keep more rights from it.

Mining Post 82
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The S1 V page mentioned above is now missing,
as I took it out of the stacks of sheets with which it was stacked with.
That means that I may not be able to scan it better, to get the rest of the missing data, due to interference against me to be able to do so.
This comes as no surprise following the repeated comments and posts about not understanding , regardless of if it did break the flow of the information or not, which , in this case, it did forfeit more than just that.

I may be able to find it again, however, I am in the last 3 days of a 30 days appeal, and there is another case going until February 2020, which will keep me busy.
I personally consider it as a theft attempt, even though the authorities near here do not take that into consideration, and in fact, try to hold me liable for making false claims, which further proves the point that they are trying to cause forfeiture of my work, despite the fact that it is done in acts of war, and not according to the rule of law, which rule of law they misrepresent, and misinterpret , to their own goals and objectives, with disregard for others.

etc… to be continued…

Mining Post 83
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I finally managed to get 4 scan of the erroneous S1V page, and all 4 scans have the exact same dimensional error, which the scanner system did not solve as it repeated interrupted

etc… to be continued…

Mining Post 84
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  • S1 V (fixed)
    from Mining P24 Image 7

The bottom part being on the original image with some data missing in the margin on the left.
(Near the vertical alinea red line.)

A simple solution would be to take a photo of the page with my iPhone, which will render a better fidelity of image than each of the scanners that I have been using for that since March 16, 2019, so, over 8 months for the scanner, and the date of the original data being for over a year ago, back in 2017 or so.
I would have to verify the year of the original data.

We would also be able to see if the iPhone would have the same problem, but it seems to be a Microsoft issue.
Or, the military personal going to Microsoft’s office due to the antitrust case are the ones modifying the data, and may not be able to do so to the Apple system data in time before I can publish it correctly.

Mining Post 85
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It seems the iPhone data capture would be one of the best solution.
Of course, getting a scanner that actually does work without interference would also solve the problem better.

I will do some mining in a Venture, or , a Destroyer, to compare the difference, as, ISK per hours, and volumes of Ore, and risks of doing such activity in different location are not the same.

I do not mine in Low-sec, but, that would require joining a group of pirates required for security, and fighting, with potential looting possible.

I will post the screenshots here.

I don’t think that Ice Mining is possible as Alpha.

The next Image Walkthrough would be,

  • S-1 V
    from Mining P24 Image 8

Also, I will have to secure my Google Drive Account with a new Gift Card credit card, if it works, for some $3 or less, due to some interference with my current account.
Nothing that I cannot fix since I graduated in this field, however, it’s not surprising that they would design that financial system to be locked out of the grid like that, when it is not meant to be.

This thread does have some text files saved on that Google server (architecture) and accessible from here.

As for the Microsoft issue with the one scan, it seems there was a security fix for Windows 10 which Apple doesn’t have (problem with).

I will make a list of which sheet (and/or image) was analysed where and so on, because, it took me a long time to review when going over it and try to verify.
It will make it easier and faster to find where they are analysed.

Mining Post 86
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EVE Online - the mineral shift

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A while ago CCP changed the asteroids in 0.0 and now the change for highsec miners is starting to show. I love this sandbox.

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List of Images left to Walkthrough Over:
(from Mining Post 53 above…)

  • S-1 V
    from Mining P24 Image 8
  • S1
    from Mining P24 Image 9
  • S-1
    from Mining P24 Image 10
  • S17 V
    from Mining P24 Image 11
  • S17
    from Mining P24 Image 12

27 days ago: (relative time difference)

  • PI /3
    from Mining P25 Image 1
  • PI /3V
    from Mining P25 Image 2

23 days ago: (relative time difference)

  • PI /4
    from Mining P26 Image 1
  • PI /4V
    from Mining P26 Image 2
  • PL L 2
    from Mining P26 Image 3
  • PL L 2V
    from Mining P26 Image 4
  • PL L 3
    from Mining P26 Image 5
  • PL L 3V
    from Mining P26 Image 6
  • PL L 4
    from Mining P26 Image 7
  • PL L 4V
    from Mining P26 Image 8
  • S2
    from Mining P26 Image 9
  • S2V
    from Mining P26 Image 10

10 days ago: (relative time difference)
from Mining P27 Image 1

from Mining P27 Image 2

from Mining P27 Image 3

from Mining P27 Image 4

from Mining P27 Image 5

from Mining P27 Image 6

from Mining P27 Image 7

from Mining P27 Image 8

from Mining P27 Image 9

from Mining P27 Image 10

from Mining P27 Image 11

from Mining P27 Image 12

from Mining P27 Image 13

from Mining P27 Image 14

from Mining P27 Image 15

from Mining P27 Image 16

from Mining P27 Image 17

from Mining P27 Image 18

from Mining P27 Image 19

from Mining P27 Image 20

from Mining P27 Image 21

from Mining P27 Image 22

from Mining P27 Image 23

from Mining P27 Image 24

from Mining P27 Image 25

from Mining P27 Image 26

from Mining P27 Image 27

from Mining P27 Image 28

from Mining P27 Image 29

from Mining P27 Image 30

etc… to be continued…